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  • seniorhindsight seniorhindsight Feb 9, 2006 9:35 PM Flag

    Not too Funny

    Isn't it funny a few days ago the media was covering a story on how many $100 options were being bought because of the Iran problem.

    We've seen the whole energy sector take a beating in the last few days....go figure.

    Perhaps we are all being played...what timing they have..I feel like a marionet puppet.

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    • Being played like a fiddle

    • seniorhindsight,
      I am convinced that some very powerful entities are behind this sell off. Also NG inventory came in only 38 billion draw, that is BS, it was one of the coldest weeks in months, unless they report a week behind. This whole sell off in energy is to get US citizens mind of off Iran and the consequences that would have on Oil price. Bush would of been lynched if Oil went over $70.00 Monday after Iran got referred to UN. He put it off for another month. When I was heavy into Gold Stocks the IMF ( International Money Fund) would prop up the dollar when gold got to high. Same thing is going on here. The part that really gets me is after they are done they will all reposition stocks, options and do it again.

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