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  • ah673000 ah673000 Oct 18, 2010 8:59 AM Flag

    Stupidy 101-Monday's rant

    Well...the EPA under the guidance of the "children of washington" has landed on a compromise for increasing ethanol to a max of 15% in the gasoline blend receipe....and it is truley stupid.

    Gas stations will be required to install an additional storage tank and pumps to offer 15% ethanol blend. A warning sign will be installed on the pumps that the blend should not be used in automobiles manufactored before 2007 due to the potential irreversaible damage the blend will do to the cars fuel system and engine. Cars manufactored after 2007 should be able to reasonably deal with these negitives with only a 25% reduction in the projected lifespan of your vehicle.....this is the new "cash to make clunkers" plan.

    These greenies will stop at nothing to destroy your investment...nothing. And we pay these children 25% more then if they worked in the private sector...why? I am told they are worth it...they went to Harvard!

    Last summer I posted about the damage that the ethanol gasoline did to my Healey's carburators....I wrote my congressmen(D)...he sent me a form letter back...bottom line
    ...suck it up.

    Well goodbye didn't even make it through the primary!Keep it up children...your time in power is short.


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    • Anything that is anti-oil, is "green" in my book. It serves "them" well that the Oil companies have to bendover to the HeeHaws. Let the Ag bunch build their own infrastructure to market and sell their product. They then will see how hard it is make a buck in the energy world. I would refuse to sell it if I were XOM, CHV, BP, and RDS, or at least file an injunction for about a 10 year delay to temporarily stifle "them".

    • AH, yes, it's totally stupid.

      But it's not greenies doing it. That's your political bias dominating your otherwise logical cognitive processes. It's the ag lobby. Big ag is pushing for this. Not the greenies, they don't support the expansion of corn-based ethanol.

      Wish you'd drop the political BS.

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