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  • dalerobin777 dalerobin777 Apr 9, 2011 10:43 AM Flag

    Last time oil was

    priced like this the refiners fell off a cliff. So whats different this time around ?

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    • Until Nymex First Month 321 Crack dips to 8 or less, their are two full eights of big time profits!

      Do not follow the herd, this is normal action going into the spring and summer. This is the time to be loading up the truck ?") Do U think the world is just going to stop? Look at Europe, they pay 8 and 9 bucks for a gallon of gas! And we in America complain when we get it for half price?

      If gasoline this time stops at the 4.00 level a gallon, then you may need to get worried about refining stocks, however the time has not approached to be making this type of evaluation.

      Believe oil is way over priced and a small precentage of the oil only comes from the middle east anyway. Most comes from Canada, and Mexico, so who is hyping the oil to these levels anyway. This issue will come up again soon and the speculators who are doing it will get to step up to the mike



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      • Forget the EU. Iran knows how to price a gallon of gasoline!

        .United Press International

        Iran's parliament has decided to ration gasoline and raise prices May 22 as part of an effort to lower demand.

        Gas prices have been frozen at about 34 cents per gallon for three years in the country, but high consumption has led to 40 percent of the nation's gasoline coming from foreign sources -- sources that may be hampered by United Nations sanctions aimed at the country's nuclear weapons program, the Financial Times reported Friday.

        The new price for rationed gas will be about 43 cents per gallon, with additional fuel sold at an inflated price.

        The parliament set April 20 as the deadline for the government to decide on the size of the rations, the higher price of gas purchased beyond the rations and the method used to enforce rationing.

    • you must be kidding!

      Everything from a different US administration to earthquakes and on and on.

      "nortie" hahaha

    • Doing some checking refiners did well until the high price of crude in the 2008 timeframe crashed the economies and demand. Will the same thing happen this time around ?

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