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  • savingameric savingameric Sep 10, 2012 1:58 PM Flag



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    • Because he figured high school dropouts like you would be unable to relate to a collegiate scholar. Harvard Law School does not admit dummies, no matter their creed or national origin. Now go save America on one of the message boards already hijacked for political commentators, like CSCO's.

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      • Why has BO (whew)... hidden all his records? If you go see 2016 in which he reveals all of his reasons about what he believes and why, including his life story and interviews given by his grandmother and brother, as well as his own spoken words on video tape, you'll see exactly what he has planned for the future.

        Nobody made anything up. The whole thing is an amazing thing to see and hear. There's nothing fake about any of it, the tapes are historic including what he comes right out and says about his plans for America.

        Ya simply can't make any like this thing up and get away with it. It's playing in theaters, and even BO hasn't mentioned it, nor denied a single word of it. They would simply hope that the majority of admirers won't give it a thought for fear it's a hoax. However, it's no hoax, since he's the main speaker and it's all spelled out in plain easy words for anyone to understand.

        Is it AMAZING?

        See it for yourself! He's the star of the show, and he's the one who does most of the talking!
        I'll say one thing for BO... he sure doesn't hold back on saying it like he intends it to be. It comes straight from his mouth to your ears. When it comes to spelling it out, at least he doesn't beat around the bush. He just doesn't think it would be worthy of his campaign at this time. But later on, if it is necessary, he'll be glad to play it for the world himself. Then he can stand up and tell you that it was right there for everyone to see for themselves. But if you ask the White House about it, you'll get a different answer. If you're a BO fan, you don't want to see it. If not, go see what he actually says in plain easy to understand language that even most of you should understand, but not all of you. G'by.

      • john.vigent Sep 10, 2012 2:59 PM Flag

        touche', avia!!

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