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  • simpleawright simpleawright Oct 1, 2012 11:56 AM Flag


    Why are you so determined to bring POLITICS to a stock message board??? GO find another board to discuss that crap on. Since you cannot have a conversation here without bringing your politics into it, I am placing you on ignore. You have contributed absolutely nothing to the discussion of the VLO stock or company issues.


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    • Hey simpleton, the message was posted for dealing dave. If you want to call the economic information posted by yahoo finance crap....go ahead.... but i will not be #$%$ on or bullied by the likes of you! please , please put me on ignore....and when a thought pops into your head that you want to post I will read it a do my best to jack you up!

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      • I had to go to work this a.m and pay for another liberals education, healthcare, unemployment check, sec 9 free housing, free cell phone, food stamps, low income tax credit and the list goes on and on.....

        All I know is that the IRS list Texas as paying $1 for every .94 it got back on avg. from 1981 through 2005 and .91 in 2010. I would certainly agree that any state should get back what they pay in and no more.

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