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  • midav2752 midav2752 Dec 7, 2012 12:25 PM Flag

    O.T. Fiscal Cliff

    Looks like it's politics as usual. The possibility of going into next year with absolutely nothing resolved in regard to the "fiscal cliff" or the debt ceiling is getting stronger. There are a couple of republican leaders willing to abandon the "pledge" made to the much too powerful lobbiest Grover Norquist and allow democrats to procede with the platform Obama got re-elected to ( extending the Bush Tax Breaks to everyone up to the $250,000 threshold) and working through the debt ceiling problems in advance to head off last years nonsense, but it looks like the majority of republicans feel like they won. Two things here..........The majority of Americans voted for a black man with a name that sound for all the world like osama (twice) not because he is black or good looking but because they can't stand what republicans have disintigrated into and see the problems they have created. The second thing is this "ideology" of giving tax breaks to the fewest number of donors to fill their campaign war chests by targeting rich donors is a tad convienent (if not just lazy) and it doesn't address the massive socialist spending every republican president since Reagan has wars, Iraq 1, Iraq 2.........that do in fact stimulate many private businesses like Northrup Grumman, GE, The Boeing CO.,General Dynamics, pipe cable wire rope steel paint switches armour vehicles ammo .....the list goes on and on but it's uncle sam (us the tax payer) getting the bill. The gig is up. Chance are if the report by Anonymous was accurate republicans tries to steal this election and if that's true, most likely stole both Bush elections that he won with the slimmest margin. They are not even representing their own voters in their quest for personal riches and power..............the socialist gambit they have played up till now cannot be continued without more revenue.

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