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  • vlono.1fan vlono.1fan Feb 4, 2013 8:21 PM Flag


    Most of you know that have been on this board awhile know that I have been bullish on Valero a long time. Along the way I took some hits for my view. So, I thought I would share one.

    Here's a post about me on October 29, 2012 from Tulip1999 responding to once again another wonderful post from Avia (saying that I have lost it and calling me an attack dog) posting on this board:

    "It's immaturity and maybe an assigned role, is my suspicion. I have been around the block a bit, done a lot of work in petro-finance with the Wall St crowd, and no one who is actually successful blows their horn in such a manner as he does. Always a straight, and outspoken, view of VLO going higher.But the chart, beginning with Klesse arriving on the scene as destroyer tells another story. So, I lean on the chart for guidance (instead of a quasi-blogger who is likely just a nephew of a VLO Investor Relations employee anyway). And I don't spend much time on this discussion board either."

    Sentiment: Sell

    End of post.

    Well Tulip... I get the last laugh... I am up 55% since that post and over 80% over the last year with Valero. Yep, a little guy like me can contribute something and can find a stock that is under valued. I am glad I am not in "petro-finance with the Wall St Crowd" instead sitting in my living room researching Valero and spending time on the Yahoo message board. Glad you sold your shares as I probably bought them!

    Fan aka "quasi-blogger"

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