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  • ah673000 ah673000 Feb 19, 2013 7:23 AM Flag

    Hangar Business - Tuesday

    What is the market doing? Is it on steroids with no checks in place to reflect reality?

    What are we doing.... This is nuts. 1% growth and the market is setting all time highs.... Why?

    The Fed has manipulated the bond market to cause money to flow into the market.

    Now to the Keystone.. I am on record predicting that our President will NOT approve it. He will instead promise more jobs in the sun and wind industry. Go pound sand Canada will not play well ..... But that is the way it is.

    Meanwhile landlocked crudes are trading at a minimum of a $20 discount, The trio is perfectly located to continue to make big $$$$$ . The cost to move this stuff by RR car is $13 / bbl . Everyone is doing it.

    Over at BA , the 787 fleet is on the ground. Planes do not make $$$$ on the ground. Talk about depreciationing an anchor!

    ATI ..... I still love this baby at this level . I will hold to $36 or $39 .

    FN.... Nice rally , TQNT .... No clue , but holding the subs, PXLW ...... Next generation of TVs will have their devices .... Buy?

    It is crazy risky out there .... Be careful what you are holding in your portfolio at these levels...


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    • yeah, I was saying last night watching CNBC that the DOW/NAS/SP being at all time highs (except nas that was 5K), is insane. GS, MS, NFLX, LNKD, and a few others (banks, oils, some drugs, some tech) are way too high. I did the right thing and put most of my money in GOLD. I'm doing really well today. Too bad my house is only 2 stories high. Now where did I put those bullets? I found a 45 but it won't fit into my 9MM pipe. Can't even win for that (LOL)

    • john.vigent Feb 19, 2013 3:01 PM Flag

      BA is going to have to jettison these batteries or face more downside pressure. From NBC online news
      " Swelling found in second battery on Japanese Dreamliner".

    • VLO stretching her legs today :-)

      Sentiment: Buy

    • john.vigent Feb 19, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

      You think mother is going to make a run for it. just added a huge amount of oil/gas reserves.

    • italy is in real trouble; elections 2/24-25 next catalyst for €/$. eyes peeled. tt

    • Also noticed that institutional ownership has crept up to 85%

      Sentiment: Buy

    • The analysts have quietly upped their estimates for the current quarter from $0.91 to $1.01
      2013 looks to be off to a great start

      Sentiment: Buy

    • AH, First off there is no shortage of fuel for BA or anybody else. We are at all time highs in invetory with the refining industry practicaly at idle with a great quatity of distilate being exported. Two, the keystone will create some temperary jobs at the expense of a lot of long term jobs. Shareholders of the company or management isn't concerned with the job picture and you know it. HD didn't install autromatic checkouts to "create jobs" and VLO isn't hoping to "create jobs" with the a pipeline. The argument here is it will be cleaner with less polution when in operation. I predict it will be approved on that basis. (of course he will be the ones who benefit from the "temporary jobs" it does create). The bond market is doing as well as the stock market and both seem inflated to me at this point. Three, the analysis by #$%$ Bovie is we lose the dollar as the worlds reserve currency in 10 yrs. That means austerity beyond anything our generation has faced..............the main problem we face in the near future is balanced budgets and no debt because we will not be able to print anything under those circumstances.

    • Would not write off Keystone. Unions favor construction of the pipeline, and you-know-who caters to unions, though only ~10% of the labor force are union workers. May come down to whether organized labor or environmentalists make greater campaign contributions. Please pardon my cynical perspective.

    • Surfer is very wary of what this Govt. Reports to us citizens...Still see an economy at crawl speed at best...Most people still trying to reign in their debt and watching their nickels and dimes like a hawk...The big time rollers in Vegas are not Yanks but the Asians...The young bucks with MBA'S I talked to can't find work in their fields...The new normal in my mind is we stay at 8-10% unemployment...And the young bucks and fawns will have to be mobile if they want jobs...Party on till the balance sheet implodes...Surfer will continue to smile good or bad!! Have a great day, and stay safe...

      Aloha and Mahalo


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