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  • slashnuts slashnuts Feb 21, 2013 6:12 PM Flag

    Ethanol Is A Better Fuel Than Gasoline

    I have nothing against gasoline, but ethanol is a superior fuel. All the racecars and dragsters use ethanol. New high compression engines will get better mpg's on ethanol than gasoline.
    I believe we need all the energy we can get. Ethanol is the cheapest fuel in the world. As the mpg that cars get with it climbs, so will the price. I think ethanol will one day be more expensive than gas, but we'll always need gasoline.

    There's no doubt about it, ethanol is a superior fuel to gasoline. The 113 octane fuel is blended with subgrade 84 octane gasoline that will not even run in an engine without ethanol in it.

    The new standard of 54 mpg by 2025 requires the high octane of ethanol to operate the new high compression engines. Todays engines can tolerate ethanol, but are not designed to fully utilize it. Lots of jobs will be created building these new engines, similar to diesels, that actually get better mpg on ethanol than gasoline.

    Corn ethanol uses only the starch and the rest is high quality animal feed. The corn used is not edible to humans. In fact, animals have a hard time eating this corn unless it's broken up by the ethanol process.

    Ethanol plants produce co2 for soda/carbonation of our food and drinks. Ethanol producer GPRE is growing algae in Iowa from the carbon. This grows 2500 gallons of oil per acre per year that can be used for animal feed.

    The #1 reason food and everything else is getting more expensive is the high cost of gasoline/diesel. Ethanol helps keep gas/food prices down. The byproduct is a nutricious animal feed that comes from corn that we can't eat anyway.

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    • baloney on food prices.
      what good is a slight mileage increase if you pay for it in spades at the grocery store?
      Fresh corn is 69 cents/ear in St.Augustine fl. right now 022213

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      • $.69 that's not bad for an ear if corn in the middle of winter. As for eggs, I paid $1.29 a dozen last year before the drought. I just picked up a dozen on sale for $.99. That's cheap. What's really out of sight are how high fuel prices are already for this time of year.
        If ethanol was pulled from the market, gas prices would surge. Refiners would be forced to switch to higher octane gasoline, which is expensive, and 10% of our fuel supply would be gone. Without the demand for(inedible to humans) corn from ethanol producers, farmers wouldn't have planted the crop they did and we would be in real trouble from the drought.
        The fact is, ethanol demand for corn is the reason they planted so much and farmers harvested about the same amount as they did in 2006, despite the worst drought in 5 decades. The USDA just predicted our corn supplies will triple this year. Prices may drop to $4-$5 a bushel as farmers plant the largest crop since the 1930's. Ethanol yields continue to improve, corn bushel yields continue to climb, water usage continues to drop. Gasoline production consumes roughly 1850 gallons of water per barrel of which you get 19 gallons of gasoline. Ethanol uses about 2 gallons per gallon with zero discharge. For the people that like to add rain water to the equation, how much rain did corn need during the drought? A better question is, how many millions of gallons of rain water did it take for the fossils to turn to oil?
        The byproduct of ethanol production continues to improve in quality and nutrition as producers extract the oil out.

        It's like you're saying only things tied to corn are getting more expensive and everthing else has not changed in price. I see fruit, orange juice, tide, trash bags, furniture, lumber, copper, silver, gold, iron, cocoa, cotton, movie tickets, flowers, batteries, tires, etc everything not tied to corn getting more expensive.
        The fact is, there's only one thing which is tied to everything. This one thing is the reason everything's getting more expensive. Oil. The transportation costs of oil is the reason everything is climbing. Inflation, oil prices, and printing money. Corn ethanol is helping keep costs of food and energy down. Gasoline production is not getting more efficient. In fact, easily recoverable oil is getting harder to come by. The ethanol process continues to evolve and get better with higher yields.
        High costs of oil is why food and everything else is getting more expensive. Corn is a small part of the equation.

    • snut, Sounds like you have been away for awhile or have some political axe to grind. VLO bought up most of the defunct verasuns plants and have until recently been operating them profitably. That was profitably until corn prices went through the roof due to the droughts in the midwest. The ethanol industry in the country shut down 12 ethanol plants that quickly went from profitable enterprizes to a ball and chain around the necks of business. Diversification was the only thing that saved the ADMs, Andersons, VLOs of the country and that's with a mandated additive that oil refiners like for the reasons you mentioned and because ethanol supplants other oxygenates that are more toxic to our groundwater. VLO is building a plant that will use switchgrass and will not be so dependent on corn. First and foremost these enterprizes have to make money to pay the employees and operators. Even though employees are not a prime consideration in the scheme of things, the nature of most businesses is they will need some. So until droughts can be ruled out or a drought resistant crop can be harvested or enough algea can be grown ethanol has big limitations.

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