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  • ah673000 ah673000 Mar 28, 2013 10:34 AM Flag

    OT: NG prices spike to 52 week highs

    Blasted over $4 today..... XOM is the biggest winner.....

    NG is slowly displacing coal and oil.

    NG pricing is a double sided sword.....

    Good for Xom...... Bad for HFC and VLO

    That is the hedge play on owning some of all three.


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    • Short term, natural gas is expected to pull back to $3.50, following a seasonal pattern between heating and air conditioning demand. Need to build those LNG terminals, ramp up transportation consumption, and complete the chemical plant expansion / new construction to sustain the price.

      Think XOM is the biggest winner? Look at APA today, up $4 (5%) from yesterday's low. Granted, ex-US news is adding to the action. Love that beta trade, but it runs both ways. Nimble is the word.

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      • All those items listed in the first paragraph are underway Avi.... Along with coal conversion and tractor conversions..... I think NG prices next year will surprise everyone. XOM is the 100 # gorilla in the business .... Sure she is slow.... But a very secure hold for a 65 year old investor.

        Just mark 2018 down and sit back.

    • john.vigent Mar 28, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

      if these drillers keep pumping ng out of shale, there will be a surplus in USA. can't export the stuff. thus prices may not stay very high for very long. just sayin'.

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      • NG is a long term play ..... Just like ND crude..... With the discount to Brent it will find a way into new venues.

        That is the beauty of capitalism..... Folks figure it out. NG will be the next oil/ coal in this country....

        With XOM I am patient ..... Remember my prediction first stated four years ago on this MB..... XOM will be a very nice reward in your 2018 financial plans . When others were bailing at 58 , I was adding to core.

        XOM, VLO, HFC are going to continue to reward us going forward.... And in the longer term play XOM will win. This current Fed fueled rally will end .... The tide will go out.... And Xom will be one of the last one standing....


      • why do you say we "can't export the stuff"? We are exporting it to Mexico and Japan today.

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