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  • ah673000 May 2, 2013 6:27 AM Flag

    May 2..... Account check

    2 accounts with VLO stock

    VLO shares I bought yesterday got the spin shares

    VLO shares are valued at 38.90
    CST shares are valued at 30.20

    Let the fun begin..... By 4 o'clock we will know what our total value is post spin .

    So far I am unimpressed by this unlocking value move.... But I will hold judgement for a week.


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    • I thought had to have the stock beg=fore 4/19 to get the shares? So if you bought on 5/1 you received them?

    • Were any of the CST shares in your accounts paid on VLO shares you purchased after April 19? Also, are your shares CST or CST-WI? Vanguard, in which account my VLO shares are held, has CST-WI shares listed.

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      • sorry guys I am working today but here are the details about vlo/cst that I see in my Fidelity account. I had 800 vlo bought 4/2/13 and earlier, I added 100 shares yesterday 5/1/13 total 900 shares at close of market yesterday, sometime around 3 am today I logged in to my account it shows my 900 vlo and 100 cst, you can do the math and see that for every 9 shares of vlo (including what I bought yesterday which doesn't settle until Monday) I received 1 cst.....that's how mine worked out.

      • ah673000 May 2, 2013 7:31 AM Flag

        One account shows CST shares and value
        The other account shows ----- shares at 30.20 ( no market ticker )

        Not sure about partial shares
        Yes I got spin shares on all the shares that I bought after April 19th.

        I now have a boat load of CST shares in my core holding account. Will hold until they close the current 10% discount that appears to built into these shares . CST price should equal VLO share price based on the split ratio correct ?


    • Ah " I'm in trader rehab. Dug myself deep this time. But maybe we recover some this am. Looks like the mkt ain't gonna let the little guys buy VLO for the 35 price today since I see a gap up at open. Will this gap need filling in this case. I"m out of the mkt until I get my risk under control and can reduce my exposure. The refiner players are brutal and control the spin the price and the emotion...........working on a fire wall from it. Pole

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