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  • idpatton01 idpatton01 Sep 10, 2013 10:42 PM Flag

    Bottom for PBF

    I said it before it will be $18

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    • Yes, you did. You have been saying it for several weeks; and according to AH's post of 9/11, he now agrees with you. Good job, Idp. You finally convinced him.


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      • D..

        for the record I never said that is what I did say on 9/11...

        "PBF is just a young ipo .....the big boys cashed out at $26 and now they are trying to hold the stock in place with their remaining shares and buy back the stock they sold at 26/ is pretty sick....but that is my read.

        I will buy it done every $1 from here.......this stock will be back to its ipo price next year......

        NSH.....the management laid a couple of big rotten eggs ( asphalt and a two bit refinery) and wasted she will need to recover......but the pipeline assets are valuable and I do not see it going lower then $18 when and if they need to cut the divvy. This one I will buy in $1.50 drops from $22......and just hold what I already have......

        These horses are by manipulators and the other because of recent screw-ups ."


    • What about JPM, up to about $54 again?

    • You can wait or you can buy it on sale. I am more than willing to buy a great company at a fair price.

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      • Ok let's talk for a second. $22 profit per barrel for a refiner is ok. $22 to $27 Good. Above $27 excellent. Based on what I just said PBF will drop more before it will go up. Lets look at VLO. The stock makes about $3 a share at a historic PE of 7 this is a time bomb waiting to go off. The first leg will be to $29 then to $21 if margins do t improve. Right now at $36 you are throwing away your money. In regard to VLO when the spread was bad they fell back on their retail section of the company. Now that they spun CST, VLO is at a point of losing money this quarter. The variable with VLO is the different fuels and quantities they make. Here us what I know gasoline and Jet fuel sales are down therefore they are losing money. At this time they do not have a avenue for improving there overall profits. VLO is way over priced here and so is PBF

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