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  • ah673000 ah673000 Sep 18, 2013 4:23 PM Flag

    NO TAPER.......!!! Syria, No Larry Summers ....and now no taper.....strike three...I struck out big...

    Well guys....I placed some bets on all three of the these things happening....none did .......

    I pulled out of the market ( equity funds ) a week plus ago.....and now it is is up 5% .......

    Dry powder is now dry rotting!

    Bad call AH.......real bad....


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    • don't feel bad. I had abx at 19.1 and sold at 19.25 today as I share an office with 25 people (grand central station). I watched it go down to 17's and just wanted out. 2 hours later and it's 20.60. Gold will pull back again after having a great day today. Have cash for Monday now.

    • john.vigent Sep 18, 2013 4:51 PM Flag

      I'll echo their thoughts. The gov't shutdown is coming, cause the idiot tea party is determined that they will try again to defund ACA by not passing a budget. Defunding won't happen!! It's one of those expenses POTUS referred to that are now encumbered. more likely that immigration won't pass, and other lesser bills. Debt ceiling being raised will cause another blip down, again the fools (whomever they might be) are he l l bent on stonewalling POTUS and the middle-of-the-ground repubs in the House. #$%$ is really in a tough spot this time around. Even Eric Cantor can't move anyone off the dime. I predict the house back to the dems in '14. imho. I think I'll have a few Bass ales. manana gentlemen and ladies.

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      • John,

        I won't go into political debate with you. There are blames to go around for both left and right. However, one thing is clear. This president hasn't been able to focus like laser on the job and economy problem. It's either he is not knowledgeable due to never having a real job or he doesn't care about it except for supporting his buddies like GS (Goldman Sach). Having more wrong regulations and government mandates don't solve the problems. If Obama has any gut, he would do what Theodore Roosevelt has done in the past and show who's the boss.

    • Don't worry AH. You will have another chance to buy between now and Oct 1. And don't forget to ride into the window dressing end of year with us!

    • Take consolation in knowing you convinced me to hold steady. Took the other side of your bet, relying on the market's history of punishing certitude. All will have another chance to make or lose money in another week or two.

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      • Avi.... I feel so much better now ;)

        I was soooo convinced that Obama and Kerry would lob the missiles...... And then I was double sure he would appoint summers .... And then triple sure that the Fed would taper...

        And you just stood your ground..... That was a great call ... A serious congratulations .

        Now I suppose the Obama will cut the budget and reduce taxes next ....

        Dow 17,000 here we come.

        Tonight I will spend the evening at a local watering hole with a bunch of friends....that will clear my head for the path forward plan.... I can not believe I dropped a 5% opportunity....

        Hope the rest of you guys are right .... It will take a very big drop to get me back in even....


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