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  • dfscorner dfscorner Sep 20, 2013 12:55 PM Flag

    Oh Well............

    Every day this MB becomes more intolerant. It was good for a while. Everyone tried to get along and respected each other's opinion. Now you cannot post anything without get attacked. I thought our goal here was to help each other and share ideas. I admit that my trading style has changed a bit. I have mentioned a few times that you do not have to be married to one side of the market.

    You can make money going up or down. There are a lot of shorting opportunities out there at this time. Not telling you what to do, but just sharing ideas. Read somewhere that as a general rule, stocks fall 3 times faster than they rise. My thanks to Idp for opening my eyes.

    And now we have a soap opera in progress. A couple of idiots talking nonsense back and forth. I really do not have time for this and refuse to become part of it.



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    • D, sometimes we must tolerate the intolerable; keep the faith. every now and then something good comes out of the rubbish. All MB's went downhill after YHOO reformatted. bta, tt

    • The only opinions you respect are those who agree with you. Bye, bye, Mr. Divisive. Don't let the door hit ya,

    • D: keep the faith, I have been a silent observer on this message board for at least a few years and I have traded and watched VLO daily, tic by tic since katrina. Your insights are appreciated, as are those of AH and others, and despite the other noise on this board, I for one hope that you will continue to give your insights. Most here have a common goal, that is to beat the manipulators who control the markets. keep up the good work. i bought my first FB puts today and have made some nice cash selling naked calls and puts on VLO. I wish people on this board were more options oriented as it makes no sense to me why some here advocate carrying "core" loads of anything... believe me if you fall in love with this stock you will eventuaally get your asxx handed to you..... Peace to all

    • Can you hear the violins playing shorting. You and your alter ego IDP are fear setters and never have anything positive. You guys are the cancer to investor board. Nobody wants to hear day after day of doom day predictions. So if you don't like what allymarie has to say about you just hit the ignore and quit your belly aching. hahahah

      • 2 Replies to bill_ocryeiley
      • Oh shut up bill. Everyone is going to hate me. Your not helping any.

      • Bill there is two things that CAN NOT be done to get out of a recession.

        1. Borrow more
        2. Print up paper that has nothing backing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        What you will end up with is the same thing that happened during the last great recessions and depressions. Mega rich that got rich waiting for the crash and will swoop in and buy for pennies on the dollar!

        One in seven people right now are on food stamps, and the unemployment rate is going down, because the ones that are looking are falling off the table or stop looking!

        Too big to fail? No because they will short the market down and make just as much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        While the selling continues for the next discount!

        You have your Government and Ben to thank! Call them and ask them for some of the point 25 percent bucks being dished out. You do not qualify unless you are a bank and or do not need the bucks to begin with!!!

    • D you called the cross over or death cross way before anyone else was even thinking of this. In a way no one wants to hear it, however we do and thank you. You are like a forecaster of the weather. We do understand as we try to do the same, inform. What they do after the info is passed along is up to them. Yes a time to buy and a time to short. This is the only way anyone will really make the bucks in the market and not letting the mm's or brokers play with the dough and make there own agendas gl D you are appreciated!

      Much much lower is coming soon

      Triange: Bearish Pattern

      Predicted Price Range: 30.7508.......32.9728
      Prediction Period:
      From: 9/16/2013
      To: 11/28/2013

      GL and as always seek your own financial advisor before investing. Less

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      Stay safe as you would say


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