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  • idpatton01 idpatton01 Feb 12, 2014 1:08 PM Flag

    The FED Just Blamed Congress

    For slow growth, foreclosures, high interest rates, the loss of jobs, no good paying jobs. It was only a matter of time. Congress bailed the banks and the FED out. This is the loayalty they get in return. Congress is the peoples house. The most powerful political entity in the world, and they just threw trash all over it. Get use to it, this is only the begining.

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    • So. Finally, something which you revere.
      Congress is special to you? Something different? Something above all else?
      What makes it so special to you? The building itself or the people in it?
      Is there one part of the place which is more reverent to you? One of the political houses?

      You have no regard for much of anything except The Congress and kidnapped military guard dogs (and most likely yourself).

      Please, go on some more. I'm curious about about what makes our Congress so magnetic for you.

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      • need to get your mind right. I am not in the business of educating people on their government. The only magnet that you need to be curious about is the one that is sucking dollars out of your pocket while you continue to hold VLO. I made a ton of money did you do, and no I did not make it all on VLO. I just cashed in my short....took some of the money and I seeI did it at the right time. I cash out at $47.50

        As for your Congress, I suggest you come to grips what the House is. What the Senate is and who the president is. I am not sorry to tell you, the FED is not a political instition. It is nothing more but a band of bankers who want to take as much money from you. They get 30% everyday on their money. Interest never sleeps, while you fight for a crumb and still owe them 30% what is wrong with you man. Get your mind right

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