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  • idpatton01 idpatton01 Feb 12, 2014 3:38 PM Flag

    bs on fundamental read

    its about crack spread and earnings and the pile up of gas, diesel, and other products and the shut downs of these refineries. We are now importing half of our stuff because of the thats a fundamental read

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    • What are you talking about.? .....forget the might give another answer .....

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      • Oh, yeah, he has some special "knack" for twisting the facts and wandering in his speech.
        He does love to soapbox about stuff way above his station..... ;-)

        Sentiment: Hold

      • the fundamental read is we a slowly going down the tube into a recession. If all the players do not get their minds right and start doing the right thing, we will tumble into a world depression. I have no doubt about that. so many workers and families are being squeeze right now it is horrible. We know the situation we are in and it is not getting better. I do not care about VLO. I do not care about the stock market. I am a technical guy, when I see an opportunity, I take it and and share what I earn.
        That is the only fundamental read I see AH. All the rest is bs to me at this time. I have to tell you, it hurts to see the state of affairs we are in. It is worse then you can imagine. It is going to take no less then 10 years to fix this. We need to get the Government (taxes) out of our right pocket and the bankers out of our left Pocket and we need to protect our workers. As for the price of WTI I am horrified. This asset beleongs to every citizen of this country and it is costing us more then what we were importing. It is absolutly crazy

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