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  • jabee56 jabee56 Jun 30, 2003 6:28 PM Flag

    Again...we are up for no reason...

    Again...with no news in over a month, TOF stock suddenly makes a big leap on fairly small volume...(only 15,100) on a day when the Dow and the Naz are both down.

    Will we stay up here at the $3 level???
    Sure would be nice to go up some more, but, I smell manipulation. It is a familiar pattern with this stock.

    But, I would love to be proven wrong. Are the Bowser folks back?? If you are a new buyer in the last couple of days, please join in and tell us why you bought!!

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    • Thank you

    • I have bought quite a few shares in the last several days. The reason? Tofutti products are wonderful! If you haven't tried them, please do. Beyond that, they don't own any of the plants that make their products--they contract manufacture with other food companies; this means they have basically no investment in expensive plant overhead, employees, etc. I've also been shopping around and they have excellent distribution in Trader Joe's (who is their biggest customer at 22% of sales in 2003). Trader Joe's is an OUTSTANDING store chain, so as they grow, Tofutti will grow with them. Same applies to Wegmann's, which has the broadest line of Tofutti products available. Wegmann's is a wonderful store which is growing rapidly, so Tofutti will grow along with them. And the lactose-intolerant market is growing and Tofutti products appeal specifically to that area.
      Essentially, the way I look at it is: Tofutti has a terrific, broad product line with surprisingly good distribution. They just need more consumer awareness to move more of their product through that pipeline. If they just muddle along like they've been doing the stock will stay around where it is; but if they get broader awareness, the stock could easily go to 10 or 15. That's why I bought.

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