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  • roger29palms roger29palms May 16, 2001 11:43 AM Flag

    Frankly, fellow company owners,

    I'm beginning to question what's going on here. $393,000 increase in revenues generated $7,000 to the bottom line. That's less than 1.8% growth in shareholder equity [book value].The reasons so little trickles down are the same as we've been hearing for at least a year; startup costs associated with new products. Mr. Mintz states in the report that we can expect the same for the rest of 2001. This is a replay of 2000.
    The last time I checked, the products list was quite large. IMO, too large. And of all those products I have seen but one out here in California.
    I became an owner of this company back when it was $1.00 a share because of it's incredible large performance figures for return on shareholder equity, assets, profit margin and operating margin. All of these figures have dropped considerably in percent terms during my share ownership. This is beginning to resemble; the more they sell, the more they lose. Thankfully we have not reached that dismal level of performance. On the other hand if it takes more and more to generate less and less for the shareholders.....

    I would appreciate any comments on the above. Roger

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    • Well, with today's news release I have dusted off the crow pie recipe book. Not baking yet.
      Sent some questions to TOF investor relations concerning today's news release and will post replies when I recieve them. Sounds good!


    • I agree with a lot that Roger says...We keep hearing the same old same old from this company.

      Mr. Mintz and the rest of the board are behind times. I hope others will join in a vote of no-confidence in this board.

      The talk sound great, but it just doesn't seem to pan out. We need to see some results, and not just talk.

    • It's typical for a small and growing company to re-invest it's earnings into new products and marketing. I respect the decision of Tofutti to expand their line of products. Tofutti has a core group of consumers that believe Tofutti turns out products which are superior to those of competitors.

      I also became a sharholder when the price was $1 and I've been pleased with the consistent growth in sales and income. I see the expanded product line as a way to create worth for Tofutti sharholders via future earnings over a wider reach of consumers. I also believe that consistently turning out quality products will put Tofutti in the radar to be acquired by a larger producer of consumer food products.

      I would like to see more effective marketing, better packaging and more thorough penetration/distribution. I believe that the picture on the cover of the annual report shows how dated some of the branding for Tofutti products have become. Overall, I'm glad that I don't have to eat Rice Dream. :-)

      Thank you, Robert Mohan CPA

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