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  • Recently I was trying my hand at High Throughput Writing (HTW), the literary equivalent of ATMI's high thruput robotic research. It didn't work well, which is the reason there was such a gap in my posts. Sounds like a familiar problem. I have to imagine that David Lezovsky, the CEO of Intermolecular, has to be pretty angry with the endorsement of their technology that ATMI provides.

    Let's see, last quarter, $91M. Interesting number, considering the Semi industry is running full out, especially the foundries, so I wonder why ATMI's numbers aren't closer to their peak early 2008 run rates? Especially if they are actually picking up new business, as is claimed. What was lost that we're not hearing about? Considering the emphasis for the nowpack business is to try to shift our focus to the bio bags, I have to give some credence to the rumors that ATMI has lost a lot of share in thsi portfolio in Semi and in FPD. It would be nice to get a straight story out of these guys one day. Considering the hype and growth promises we have heard for years and years, I'm not holding my breath. Now we can see the hype machine has shifted from CMP, autoclean, regensi, to....Bio Bags! What's different this time, considering we don't hear any more about any of these other game changing technologies? I wonder what will be next after this one fizzles out like all of the others. And is ATMI now a life sciences company? Still a Semi company? And what is a process efficiency company again? Where is all of the market growth going to come from to pay for the intermolecular tools? They've been used for 2 or3 years now I think, so why aren't we seeing results reflected in the revenue numbers? How has this accelerated your R&D?

    I could go on about the missed growth targets, the rumored parade of good people still leaving the company (and factual - check out LinkedIn), the internal politics, but it doesn't matter. The market gets it. People don't believe the story any more, and the stock's price is stuck to reflect this, while most peers have recovered. All that is left is for the board to finally get it. Unfortunately, it is the stockholders who are feeling the pain.

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    • Amen. Shareholders only hope is there is some residual value in the company which some acquiror will pick up for cents on the dollar. The manner is which this company has been run into the ground is borderline criminal. The Board of Directors is a bunch of cronies who should be spending sleepless nights wondering when they are going to get sued.

      I noticed Neugold sold some shares around $14...that's quite a vote of confidence!