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  • burnedbutbitesback burnedbutbitesback Apr 26, 2012 12:14 PM Flag

    Are ATMI's positive analysts clueless?

    Serious question. Have they ever performed any due diligence? Asked tough questions? For example, details on promised new products? whether any of the past large transaction EVER worked out? Whether the recent one (SDS) will work out?

    Have they ever spoken to current or past employees? From LinkedIn, looks like a massive turnover rate.

    They've got a large TAM, but the execution appears flawed. Time for new management? Yep.

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    • You are on the mark - there is no way any analysts, or investors, could take Neugold and ATMI seriously after years and years of the same promises. The industry keeps expanding, but ATMI's revenues still are flat. If Neugold is spouting off about new business, then they for sure are losing business as well since their revenues keep dropping. Looking at their products,

      SDS3 is a good product, but because it contains more material than its predecessors, volume (and revenue) will drop

      iClean was a small market niche product that also went nowhere.

      RegenSi and Autoclean were total over hyped gailures.

      After 5 years of using the Intermolecular robots to accelerate R&D, there is still no tangible win from this bet-the-company investment. I can't see how 5 years of no new products is accelerated R&D.

      The copper CMP slurry exercise was a complete failure.

      They are losing market share to Dow and BASF in copper plating.

      The only thing Neugold is adept at destroying shareholder value. You are correct - the analysts don't understand this company.