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  • alangreenspam alangreenspam Feb 3, 2014 1:32 PM Flag

    GOGO will sign BOTH Air Canada & Westjet over CANADA very soon!

    1. GOGO ALREADY HAS Air Canada (over the US). From their website: "Air Canada - Connect to the world before you arrive. Air Canada offers Gogo® to customers on select flights operated with A319 aircraft while traveling over the United States. "

    2. GOGO announced completion of their network over Canada on January 6, 2014. This is obviously in anticipation of winning contracts with major Canadian Airlines.

    3. Air Canada is the largest Canadian Airline with 200+ planes and Westjet has 103 planes. Granted, some of Air Canada's flights to the US are already producing revenue, but having the over-Canada portion of the flight will ensure many more people will buy in-flight wifi than before. If you're flying from Toronto/Quebec to Chicago, why would you buy wi-fi for the last 30 minutes of the flight over the US? But if both Canada/US are covered, of course you would.

    4. Adding these two airlines yields a total of 300+ planes to GOGO's installed base. This would effectively increase GOGO's total installed commercial planes by about 15% (again with the caveat that some of the Air Canada's flights already provide GOGO wifi over the US).

    Why else would GOGO have spent all the money to build infrastructure all across Canada unless they had big contracts in the works?

    These forthcoming announcements will add, perhaps 15% to GOGO's revenue stream.

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    • it won't matter. the ceo has bad teeth

    • umm, read my post from before , you all no flying people. when you fly to europe YOU WILL fly over canada from the majority of all US airports. Now that being said, uh can you beam in a satellite signal affecting a footprint on a sovereign nation NO!!!!!!! you must have permission to transmit signals into their airspace !
      go to lyngsat or other , if you need i will send, to understand how satellite footprints work. Duh , everyone worried via sat will have one sat for boeing, will this encompass world duh!!!!
      What gogoair did in Canada is a WHOLE lot bigger than you understand, They had to get airlines to lobby to change canadian laws, oh and if you think this was over west jet , you absolutely have no ideas on the numbers, most of you have never even have ever heard of the airline, most of you have never even been to canada , let alone europe

      • 2 Replies to elsondie
      • Thanks blondie. I have been assuming air canada was using gogo nationwide. Now, duh it is just between a two cities and LA. I guess we should also figure wetjet is a done deal and figured in the price? But why is this westjet news always so fleeting. Now reading your post it seems that gogo put up a lot of cash figuring they would get everybody to buy-off on gogo controlling canada? Once they open that door how do they keep everyone else out? As we see with the lawsuit deal this story may have many more chapters. Staying long with insurance.


      • elsondie, thanks for you comments, though you don't know who you are being condescending to. Many of us have probably logged more flight miles than you. Your message would have more impact if you didn't feel a need to condescend to others (that shows huge personal insecurity on your part).

        I fly from California, mostly to Asia and South America, so no Canada overflight.

        However, for example, Denver, Chicago, Salt Lake, Seattle flights to Paris do fly over Canada as do many other US flights.

        So you're absolutely right in correcting my post about the INCENTIVE for GOTO to have recently built their on-the-ground-in-Canada infrastructure is MUCH LARGER than just Westjet and Air Canada.

        Having their ground-based infrastructure in Canada will also improve GOGO's profitability as compared to if that region were supplied by satellite.

        So there, I took the high road and refrained from calling you a Jackazz for this chestbeating remark:

        "most of you have never even have ever heard of the airline, most of you have never even been to canada , let alone europe"

    • AIR CANADA announces earnings tomorrow morning (Wed Feb 12)!!

      It is likely that they have been waiting to announce their FULL CANADIAN WI-FI COVERAGE deal with GOGO. (Why else would GOGO have announced on Jan 6th that their full-Canada coverage is on-line)?

      Everybody is focused on the supposed Westjet deal, but given the number of planes AIR CANADA has compared to WestJet, I think it's a bigger deal winning AIR CANADA for ALL of CANADA-US coverage (in addition to the few Toronto/Quebec-to-LAX flights currently supporting GOGO).

      So, tune into AIR Canada's conference call and earnings report tomorrow before the open. Ticker: AC-A.TO

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