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  • marsavian marsavian Feb 23, 2007 7:50 PM Flag

    SPAB has been lying

    So how much did we give up if we had won this case alone ?
    Well assuming a replacement value of $40m add inflation to make that about $44m now, subtract $8m already paid and $6m
    for Lloyds cut and you get about $30m not including costs.

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    • I feel cheated but lets alos place blame for tis where it lays or better LIES,....with the current bozos running the show,....THEY are the ones who dropped the suit,......I guess 30 million is just allowance money for Tommy Boy,...

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      • You guys are blowing my mind!

        You fly in space, you take your chances! Probably couldn't have won the suit anyway. Even though spab was legally entitled to some relief from NASA..........

        Everyone saw this week on tv, how judges think (with this Anna Nicole trial). Judges don't have to follow the law. Instead they can rule in a way that feels right to them.

        And what is right is that if you fly in space and your chit blows up it's your problem if you haven't got enough insurance to cover the loss.

        There is big time stuff coming and it's going to be a race to see who can get what done first!

        The government is putting up a building for us so we can do work for them and get paid. Then ownership of the building goes to us for free (basically) just for being involved.

        So screw the law suit. It was a plus but I'm here mainly to be involved with the Commercialization of space. If dismissing the law suit helps clear the air so we can move forward with that, I'm happy.

        There is big money to be made because the field is wide open. For only less then 10 million you can't go wrong with a company so closely connected with the best of the best of what's going on now. Meaning the shuttles and the ISS. Who else has anything better going on? Let me know and I'll invest there too.

        Thank you!

      • Good Lord.

        A little history lesson.

        SPAB in 2003 = ~$90M

        SPAB Earnings 2006 ~$50M.

        Lets see that is a loss in gross revenue, just since the lawsuit of well over $120M dollars. If nothing changes their revenue after STS 118 will make bring the company down to about $20M per year revenue.

        What is it about these numbers that make a possible ONE TIME gain of $30M dollars interesting and good for shareholder value?

        This is why I tell you to quit investing in stock and go put your money in a money market because you simply don't understand how the NASA/government contracting world works.

        Mission manifests and cargo's for the Shuttle are fixed years in advance and as Jim points out, the manifest is now filled with non SPAB cargo (I still think that there are opportunities in CY 2010) carriers.

        How much did that one time gain of $30M cost the company and its shareholder value? Probably at least $100M in profits. The only bozos are those who can't do the research to figure out this simple math and who whine when the company does something to fix the problem.

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