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  • statisticalmutagenicity statisticalmutagenicity Feb 13, 2013 10:09 AM Flag

    I strongly believe astcisgreat is

    a very dishonest person.

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    • I'm telling you he doesn't even own ASTC. 95% sure he's an IMSC shill just trying to make mars and ASTC holders look bad.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to bespoke2013
      • More likely another attempt by you to make IMSC posters look bad by claiming astcisgreat is one of their own. That's right, blame everything on IMSC posters. You are plain naive if you think someone constantly pumping ASTC on the IMSC board, making fun of IMSC posters, attacking IMSC posters, threatening them with bodily harm, etc. and writing hundreds and hundreds of posts over months and months of time is an IMSC poster. No one who is an investor in IMSC would waste time doing that, and working to write negative things about IMSC in large volumes of posts as astcisgreat and his other id's have done. He encourages Mas to keep posting on the IMSC board, and no IMSC investor would wish that in a million years.

        Let's hope someone creates imscisgreat and posts a couple of hundred posts in the next few days here as astcisgreat did on imsc board the past few days, and we'll see how you like it, especially when we say "imscisgreat probably is an ASTC shill just trying to make IMSC posters look bad." We don't hide behind id's with other company's names to make it look like that company is bashing our stock and our posters! Ridiculous!

      • That would be wrong. He has made threats against imsc posters. He has done numerous things that no imsc poster would do to other imsc posters. If it makes you feel happy to think astcisgreat is an IMSC shill, go ahead and think that. But you are 95% wrong. Probably you have not read his voluminous posts on the IMSC board making threats, intentionally pushing down informative posts on that board, and expressing his love for Mas.

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