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  • happyperson_1 happyperson_1 Apr 7, 2010 8:09 AM Flag

    Gang you can not beat these folks.

    They have no shame. WFC upgraded FUN today after buyout failed. The price has doubled from 6+ to 12+ as a result of buyout anticipation. Now they upgrade because they think they MAY be able to refinance. Clients didn't know Bernie was crooked. These banks and investment companies blatantly behave this way while our government goes over to another country to dictate that they should do things honestly to provide democracy while turning a blind eye to the fraudulent behavior here. They obviously need to keep market up. Do not look for double dip any time soon.

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    • >what do you do to relax!

      hey givvy...i trade stocks and play you know why ive been in rehab all winter.


      How can you win against them ?

      They are the FOX who guards the sheep. How can the sheep fight the fox?
      forget it and go back to being the sheeple. Buy stocks and mortgage yourself to become slaves as they want you to.

      you are sheeple. the idiots, the dumb money, the losers. so buy stocks, houses. and become their slaves. no other way out.

    • Could be a good call - the AUD june contract broke through .9150 yesterday like it was water - if it can hold it then 1400 on the S&P is not out of the question as it plays catch up to the QQQQ's. That would tie in nice with a blow off top in gold. Gold has been too quiet to signal a top and has been leading the market lately.

    • When the SDS board is full of bulls and the topics include lets all chant 1200 - PLUS premarket internals are very negative leads me to the conclusion that a double dip will not only happen, but is imminent (never the less I will continue to trade with stops and lock in profits).

      What everyone seems to miss on the destroy the dollar band wagon is that the real QE is only $300 billion and that QE supported by additional debt is several trillion (i.e. not new dollars, but just recycled). There is still under $2 trillion in M2 available to pay over $100 trillion in dollar denominated obligations. At our current monetary velocity M2 barely provides enough capital to meet principal payments (not including interest) assuming over 50 year payment terms- with none left for the real economy. Our financial system on a whole is leveraged 50:1. Unless they are prepared to kick in several trillion in real QE, there simply is not enough US $'s to meet up coming obligations.

      When the Greek central bank decides to issue debt in dollars versus Euro's, I will gladly take the other side of that trade! As much as I like Apple and his posts, I think he is on the wrong side of the stagflation trade. Stagflation was because we removed the US$ peg to gold and allowed massive monetary expansion. Today we have taken that monetary based credit expansion to its limits and basic math is forcing a US$ peg to its ability to meet debt obligations. We may get one last bubble, the government spending bubble that creates turnover of US$'s, but it does nothing to create "new" money and in fact only creates additional future demand for US$'s to satisfy additional debt obligations and in turn leaves even fewer dollars for the real economy.

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      • Do not deny this. Yet at this time it is not fundamentals that are moving the market. Look at MON. Their conference has been nothing but negative yet it has bounced from being down 2 dollars to being up nearly 2 dollars. The GS's, JPM's, WFC's have a monopoly on the market now with their competition gone. They are trading with so much money that they determine what a stock does. This is exactly what was done in the internet bubble. They stayed long into absurd PE"S. Then they finally went short and made millions there. They will do the same again. Look at a ten year chart of JDSU. There are a number of stocks that were over 100 and 200 dollars that went bankrupt. The brokers rode them up and shorted them down. What is happening now is nothing new. The difference is that with our modern technology many more folks have access to information that reveals this. The big boys just laugh in your face and know nothing will be done about it. In fact they make it both ways. They buy the stocks that ensures the ETF's they own will make them money. This is why the" in the know" hedge funds make so much money. They are able to follow the money. Enough of this very negative thinking from me. Enjoy your day.

      • Well written.

    • The stockmarket is the government. What a bunch of pathetic bastards.

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