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  • laid_lovv laid_lovv Mar 16, 2011 3:01 PM Flag

    Can we say 1180 on the S&P next week?

    I think it may happen if those nuke reactors meltdown releasing more radiation into the environment.

    Maybe even lower than 1180.

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    • 1240-1281 still current trading range.

      We need a close below 1240 to get to the 1225 test.

      It may still happen today that we close below 1240--but, the pumping is trying to test 1281.

      We'll see!!!

    • More pumping of money coming in today to support the Markets.
      The Yen is also being pumped like the euro was during their financial crisis.
      Eventually, all this artificial monetary will impact negatively all the World Markets.
      However, one of the biggest problems that has never been addressed deals with "fair trade".
      Countries like South Korea, Panama, and most other nations charge huge tariffs on American imports as compared to little or even no tariffs that we allow into this country. That is one of the major reasons that we have such a huge gap and trade deficit.
      The U.S. freely commits itself to help other countries in times of War and disasters, civil Wars,etc. Most other Countries sit back and let us take the full weight including loss of American lives in Countries like Kuwait, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, and others that have the highest rate of human right violations rights. We have done all of this while hard working Americans are having to lose jobs, benefits, and sinking pension plans while allowing the "top wage earners" to get the most tax breaks. State Governments are in jeopardy of defaulting on "munis". That is where most older Americans depend on extra income to supplement their pitiful Social Security, loses from 401k's, and the shrinking of their expendable income. It is time that the "top wage" earners pay their fair share. The top 400 wealthiest Americans made more money than all the 155 million American workers and only paid an average of 16.7% in taxes. The Middle Class in the U.S.has been shrinking at alarming rates, health care costs have continued to soar. Health care in this country should of a major concern and every American should have the same access to best possible Health Care--even, if it means raising taxes to make it possible. Pharmaceutics have been used as a mechanism to seek the highest profit margins. Companies actually produce those products in India, Mexico, etc. and claim they are "name brand" and sell them in the U.S. by paying off the FDA to allow this to occur in our Country.
      Oil companies have been forcing prices up and holding all Americans as ransom. I have also reason to believe that the gasoline has been "water down". adjusted as to actually provide less octane than advertise. My gas mileage on my Hybrid has dropped 3-5 mpg--tires checked, all filters new, everything mechanically is perfect. This drop occurred when Gas prices in our area spiked from 30 cents a Gallon. Coincidence, fluke, whatever you want to call it--it is true.
      It is a terrible tragedy what happened in Japan. But, the real reason stock prices have recently dropped has more to do with no further "artificial Fed pumping-QE's' that have created huge run ups with no volume to support such moves.
      Yes, the Market is manipulated with what amounts a"ponzi scheme" from our own Government. One more note, housing in this Country is getting worse. Check the drop in new housing starts.
      Our hearts and prayers go out to the people of Japan. Every country in the World should step up together and not have America carry the full burden of financial support alone to help them. IMHO--
      I have more more to address if anyone is interested.

    • Great thread for a contrarian trade. more like 1280 today.

    • only the retarded longs. the smart longs are bailing. 2 straight weeks of equity funds outflows.

    • the nerve of some of them pumping stocks over here yesterday was simply unmitigated.

    • longs are trapped like the rats they are.

    • its just an attempt to get them out...this will be faded fast.

    • of course its an effort to keep us equities up.

      thats been the #1, #2, and #3 priority of the obama administration since March 9, 2009.

    • I'm not sure if, in light of a large selloff in the Nikkei yesterday, that this is just dip buyers. It seems like some coordinated effort to keep the U.S. market up today. But that's just my own guess.

    • Dips are buying the Dips and squeezing some weak shorts.
      Too much risk on the longside for much to happen.

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