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  • gutsnglory410 gutsnglory410 Nov 29, 2012 1:39 PM Flag

    'AMT Shock'

    Amt dual taxation method likely to affect incomes starting at $77k. I'm certain that those housholds feel rich. By all accounts the average federal tax increase to pay for all this good stuff is $3400 in 2013.

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    • the repubs will cave as they always do. What they should do is if there are no significant spending cuts proposed and no entitlement cuts on the table have the guts to walk away and let the dems and obama own this thing 110%. Just leave the table and don't look back

      Let the busch tax cuts expire on the wealthy and then raise there taxes to protect the children and middle class is a joke and everyone with half a brain in the country knows it. Get the spending side under control the revenue side grows as a result

      just think even people like delta, cashless and wilroid can understand this concept with there combined brainpower. Barley but you get the point

    • In 2013 - Everyone will pay more taxes.......significantly more.
      Not just the rich.......but everyone.

      Not enough rich to pay
      The middle class and lower classes will pay

      Europe pays 50% of gross in taxes.
      America's taxes will rise 28% then 35% then 40%, and eventually 50% over a period of 10 to 20 years............

      It is not the end of the world.........just the end of the middle class.

      No need to cut social welfare programs.......just tax the social welfare recipients.

      The rich will get richer, and the poor are about to get a lot poorer.
      Who said QE didn't work, as Washington had intended.

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