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  • jlcconsult1 jlcconsult1 Nov 29, 2012 8:02 PM Flag

    'AMT Shock'


    All ready have the "shock", it kicks in for me every year. I can't wait to retire, and let someone else pay my taxes. Like i said before Massive amounts of people will retire early and long running family business will close. It has already started here in Ca. We just got hit with a sales tax increase that kicks in jan. 1. Might as well leave the state but parents still alive here, can't leave or i would do it tomorrow.
    The public is assuming that none of this tax the Rich stuff will effect them. The same people who can't tell you what, the first three words of the Constitution, are.
    The aftermath of this budget deal will be felt for 100 yrs, or more.
    technically this country has an estimated total obligation of .....$86 TRILLION
    It's a good thing we have computers, cause even in $100 bills it would cover the entire Earth 6 feet deep. I guess that's what they mean, when they say buried alive in debt.

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