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  • bjxxxx bjxxxx Nov 30, 2012 10:20 AM Flag

    Fiscal "Cliff"

    Not predicting, but Obama's budget and GOP reaction don't seem pointed towards a deal before 2013. Interesting that market stable this morning. Hey, it's a Friday before a Holidays shopping weekend! Maybe a good jbtfd daytrade.

    Part of Obama proposal is deferral of spending cuts of $1.2 trillion (including Defense spending) until 2014. Would not be surprised if there's ultimate agreement on this, which Market should like.

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    • ""Obama's budget and GOP reaction don't seem pointed towards a deal before 2013""

      """There's a stalemate. Let's not kid ourselves," House Speaker John Boehner"" 11-30-12

      You think?

      Obama who won the election campaigned to raise taxes back to pre-Bush cuts on incomes over 250K. Now the republicans who lost the election want to raise money by reducing tax deductions. This argument is just a way to raise taxes on the upper middle class, middle class, and poor without really impacting the very wealthy. The republicans are doing everything in their power to keep the reduced percentage rates for the 1% at the expense of everyone else. I wish the democrats would agree on a higher number say 500K which is just above middle class is some places like NYC and then put the 15% carried interest on the table and watch the republicans still fight the cliff. The depressing thing is everybody thinks that they're paying way too much in Federal taxes even though they're paying less than ever.

    • hold the line, this market is based on HOPE. uvxy is finally moving higher

    • all they're trying to do is maintain the status quo. sad.

      and they cant even do that when the 2% PR tax cut expires in 31 days.

      that IS a done deal. every family making over 60K will lose $100 every month in take home pay/discretionary spending. for every 12k income, a family loses $20 in take home pay. so basically, the pain will be felt most by the lower class and lower edges of the middle class.

      you people are simply clueless. we've already gone over the cliff. we just havent looked down yet (wile-e coyote economy).

      • 4 Replies to delta_farce_10
      • yes, delta we did pass over the fiscal cliff......years ago.

        And life is still moving forward.
        no crash on Monday
        no crash next monday either

        New taxes for Washington
        More money for Washington

        The rich will get richer.....
        Why would markets crash ?
        Those in power, want to remain in power.

      • fiscal cliff will pass.........come Jan 2013, no market crash.
        Markets should ralley, with the passing of the fiscal cliff.

        Only 4 weeks.

        Come Jan rally again
        TVIX should be nearing 50 cents

        Buying tvix at 50 cents might seem attractive.
        But a fall from 50 cents to 25 cents is still of loss of HALF OF YOUR MONEY

        The Fed is still in control
        Amazing, Greece has not defaulted........
        Manipulation continues.

        As the manipulations continues.........VIX will fall further.
        Of course all of the UVIX buyers will never take a loss..........

        Pure magic
        Pure #$%$

      • " the 2% PR tax cut expires in 31 days. that IS a done deal."

        Dems proposing extension, will be hard for GOP not to agree, but could well be in 2013. Hey, it's a tax cut.

      • more tax........a fact of life.

        most familes making $60,000 are not big stock investors.
        the new taxes will have little effect on the market.

        QE 4 is not far away..........QE 5 and QE 6 also

        The fiscal cliff is just an excuss to raise taxes......
        A little raise here, a little raise there......people will hardly know the difference

        Death by 1000 cuts.
        So many little cuts, people will hardly know thay have been cut.

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