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  • delta_farce_10 delta_farce_10 Apr 1, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

    any chance we can talk about the "market" this week

    instead of whining about obama or praising what a terrific job bernanke has done destroying the global credit markets and then "fixing them" by non stop printing?

    guts, fyi, i am 5'10" and weigh 165. i dont smoke and i enjoy good liquor a few times a week. do i meet your specifications of healthy or am i costing you too much money?

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    • "guts, fyi, i am 5'10" and weigh 165. i dont smoke and i enjoy good liquor a few times a week"

      Translation: Delta is short, fat and drinks moonshine every chance he gets.

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      • cdvd, Your one i can mark off the list. Do you ever go to a grocery store? 20% of the shoppers would rather be riding one of those self propelled carts than walking.. I dont smoke could stand to lose 20 pounds and enjoy brandy from time to time. I plan to go quickly while fishing on my favorite spot from a sudden heart attack induced by hooking the biggest bass I've ever seen. Much better than choking on my last potato chip as many will certainly sucumb to. For so many souls so little dignity is left that doing "what they want to do" becomes some activitys that cause poor health. Not really a new problem. Whats new is that our systems spends trying to save the unsavable. GL

    • Obama and Ben do move the market. SDS is the market so it is little different then discussing a particular company or stock. SDS is the country and the market. Two folks with the most influence are Ben and Obbie.

    • bought 200 SPXU this AM. adding shorts as we go up. at this point, we're so close to starting a 10% correction, minimum. i'll miss by a few pennies to make a few dollars later.

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      • let's not forget its the first of the month. all that 401k money comes pouring in as the accountants get into work at 2AM to run the monthly/quarterly 401k contribution and match reports and wire the money to the holding companies by 8:00AM so the holding companies can verify the amounts and start putting it to work during the day. because, thats how things work in the real world, according to the stupid honks on CNBC.

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