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  • delta_farce_10 delta_farce_10 May 7, 2013 12:38 PM Flag

    for ben's next trick....

    he's going to find a way for you to lock in your gains without ever having to sell.

    nyner, when you finally get some gains, he'll probably just die of shock. which would be the black swan.

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    • Some can't admit they're wrong so they keep doing the math and they keep saying they are right but they missed the point. Their math may be right but their trades are wrong. Many guys here screaming the market is wrong the market is rigged Bernanke is bad. If you are losing money what ever the reason you are wrong not the market. The market is NOT about facts it's about people's postions and opinions.

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      • I find in general that the markets do whatever they want to. They are theroitcally based on earnings and growth. People are upset because the invisible hand(fed) is fing around with stuff and many previously good ways to judge what the market is likely to do are not working. For those of you who are making money I say nice guess. Tex what are you defending? its either how smart you are or how dumb others are. A bit of compassion goes a long way. Isnt that the founding principle of the american popular leftie party. I for one would like to think that the markets have something to do with people and growth and something good. Like it or not the last 15 years of govt intervention, markets run amok have left more than a few people wondering why they invest. Tex lastly there is no point. Your on the winning side so that makes your points right. Be at peace but frankly the game they are running is starting to stink. I could recomend a couple of books but they would all point towards a bad ending to this charade. Stay hedeged. Guts.

    • delta fart at least we have gains

      Sentiment: Sell

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