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  • nynerisktaker nynerisktaker Jun 25, 2014 8:35 AM Flag

    Yellen may be poised to rewrite Fed's rule book on wages, inflation

    Oh brother maybe she can find the shovel ready jobs O and Biden are still looking for. These people cannot be the best we can do

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    • shes just a puppet, appointed by her banking overlords to do whatever they say.

      none of these clowns have ever worked a day in their lives. they live in their own little world in academia, creating models that have no real use in the real world.

      and, lets not forget, shes 70, fat, and will hopefully drop dead soon.

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      • agree but not with the personal part. These are the worst group of people ever in charge of the US. You start at the top and the dopes here hired a guy with no experience in anything and it just filters down through the ranks. I hope this ushers in someone like Scott Walker a governor that took a liberal state and turned all there deficits into a surplus and cut taxes in the process. If repubs were smart they would use this model because it works unlike what Yellen and O are doing. Ohio is another good example. How do you spend trillions and come up with negative growth? It's the biggest hoax ever

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