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  • humansourcreem humansourcreem Mar 24, 2005 2:46 PM Flag

    News started leaking about this Feb 7th

    Look at the chart

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    • the vol has dried up considerably on the sell side. those who got pounded today just dumped what was left.

      while i feel horrible for those who bought ahead of the results, it may be a good time to add a small position as the need for a new sedative is a huge market! as medicaid/medicare decreases reimbursements, these "small in-house or in-office" procedures will be in huge demand. if GFLD can take even 10% of that market, the revenue stream will be enormous. can you see why management wants to be as PROACTIVE in showing the FDA that they are taking the MOST conservative approach?

      fund managers are staying tight with their money. level II (as accurate or inaccurate as it can be) is showing 100's-1000's of shares being traded. this is hardly the work of a fund manager jumping ship.

      time will tell.

    • Aquavan is a pro drug of propofol. So, it should have a SAME side effects and characteristics of propofol. Unless GLFD has some hard data to suggest dosing is the problem, it will be a hard sell at FDA.

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      • folks,

        call your doctor and ask what is their sedative drug of choice for short procedures:

        1. office procedures
        2. ER procedures
        3. floor procedures

        the classic has been fentanyl and versed.
        propofol requires constant monitoring and needs a constant drip rate (excellent drug we use in the ICU and sometimes used in the intubated pt in the ER)

        propofol is loved by the anesthesia community who do not want to lose it by letting other doctors use it because it's what we call "easy on and easy off". it's literally that short acting. again, the anesthesia community has been very reluctant in sharing this medication with other community of doctors.

        now, Aquavan has enormous market potential. if indeed it is fast acting and lasts 7-10 minutes, it will be the drug of choice.

        institutions have been adding as have been the insiders. this is panic running the stock down. buy here and hold for 1 month and you should have yourself a 50% return at the least.

      • thrill_seeking_billionaire thrill_seeking_billionaire Mar 24, 2005 3:01 PM Flag


        FROM the WEB SITE:

        The Need:
        Propofol is an intravenous drug widely used to anesthetize or sedate patients undergoing surgery or other diagnostic or medical procedures. Sales of propofol in 1999 were in excess of $750 million -- making it the world's best selling anesthetic agent. Despite its commercial success, propofol has been associated with various side effects. These include: cardiovascular side effects (such as reduced heart rate and decreased blood pressure), depressed respiration, elevated blood lipid levels, pain at the site of injection, and a potential for bacterial contamination that could lead to infection. Many of these side effects result from the product's formulation, which is an oil-based emulsion.

        The News:
        The newest addition to Guilford�s pharmaceutical pipeline, AQUAVAN� Injection is a novel, water-soluble pro-drug of propofol that is rapidly converted in the body into propofol after intravenous administration. Because of its solubility in water, Guilford believes that AQUAVAN� Injection could have significant advantages over a lipid-based formulation. These may include potentially fewer side effects such as: cardiovascular side effects, elevated blood lipid levels (hyperlipidemia), increased ease of use, improved stability, reduced risk of bacterial contamination and pain upon injection.

        AQUAVAN� Injection is formulated in a clear aqueous solution that does not require a lipid (oil-based) emulsion for its administration. In preclinical studies, AQUAVAN� Injection produced rapid and effective anesthesia and sedation at doses that were not associated with cardiovascular or other side effects...




      • thrill_seeking_billionaire thrill_seeking_billionaire Mar 24, 2005 2:56 PM Flag


        I'm going to research that...

        Not good if true...


    • thrill_seeking_billionaire thrill_seeking_billionaire Mar 24, 2005 2:53 PM Flag

      Guess is the SIDE EFFECTS were obvious to SPY's...

      You know big holders scope out these trials somehow...

      To SHORT or SELL