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  • supraneyz supraneyz Mar 11, 2012 11:24 PM Flag

    Advanced BioHealing getting in Hot water

    Seems to be some trouble brewing with Advanced BioHealing maker of Dermagraft and competitor to Grafix. Seems some reps are defrauding the US Government and the VA hospitals.

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    • This rep in Houston, Smyo, really made a mess for everyone. Not only did he steal from the Government, but he mostly likely ruined the lives of a bunch of Spinal and Surgery resident doctors, that thought he was their friend. He spent a lot of time and cash winning these saps over, taking them to expensive dinners and entertaining them on weekends, and then convinced them to write orders for non-existent placements. He would get credit for selling a 100 graphs a week and only actually place 5.

      ABH corporate had to have noticed that a single patient getting 10, 12, and 24 graphs at a time. There is documentation that is required to be followed in order to place tissue on patients. They should lock them all up for fraud.

      Its Smajo, not Smyo, and he is banned from the Houston VA and Advanced Biohealing is no longer allowed to business there. Big investigation going on that has the OIG involved and a lot of people with egg on their face, as they had vouched for this rep. His numbers had started falling off, so he decided to scam the VA so he could collect big commissions and get the free trips to Hawaii and Cabo. He concentrated on the residents because they are not actual employee's of the VA, they are not bound by the same rules (such as taking gifts).

      This is such a corrupt company, and this rep was such a weasel. He must have known time was running out and the end of the month was coming. Got to get another big commission check before corporate figures it out. Right before he got caught he connived a resident to put his biggest fraudulent order in. It was for 29 graphs on one patient in one day. Its got to be record.

      Of coarse the account had caught on at that point and they denied the order.

      ABH was promoting a lot of off label use here. They had a big push in Spinal cord to use it on pressure ulcers. Kind of hard to show its cost effective when you are ripping the account off.

      Holy cow!!!! 29 Graphs billed to one patient??? This guy owned that doc!!!

      The Houston VA is an important account for Dermagraft. Or was!!

      I think the president of the NPUAP works there, and influences a lot of people.

      Kind of reminds me of the exact opposite of those signs you see on a Fireworks stand that say "Buy one get 5 for free", except with Dermagraft its "Apply one, pay for 29", sounds like government math to me.

      and by the way, that noise you hear in the background is the slithering, snakelike movements of ABH executives trying to distance themselves from this as they clearly knew this was going on.

      I like this. Lets expose all the ABH employees that steal from myself and all other tax payers. Let's shine a hot spot light on this criminal activity and start naming names.

      Seems to be a pattern of abuse here. Dermagraft has already been banned by the Tuscon VA and now there is talk of the Kerrville VA banning them as well. These guys just cant help ripping off their customers.

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      • Good thing you took a snapshot of the blog, seems the ABH lawyers caught up with them, and forced the page down.

      • I wonder how Shire is feeling right now, knowing that their recent purchase of Dermagraft cost them a princely sum of $750 million. Oh, I guess, it was simply a smart business decision for Dermagraft to fraudulently overbill, wine and dine and wreck a few doctors careers. It is all about the bottom line and sales. I can not believe that there wasn't widespread knowledge, collusion and corruption within the Dermagraft ranks.

        So what does this mean for the rest of the skin substitute industry? I would imagine that many of the hospitals are taking a very long look at all of the competing skin substitute companies after being ripped off by Dermagraft. One bad apple can slow the progress down for others.

        And the silver lining will go to Osiris. Slow and steady. Honest and accurate. Best of breed.

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