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  • sunrunner_mb sunrunner_mb Feb 21, 2013 7:58 AM Flag

    Recent Article & Market Pullback

    Because of market pullback and "Panic Article" released after hours yesterday, I'm afraid we will dip a bit lower. Why on one hand would we get European approval for the rights of Prochymal with the notion that Europe is in line for approving for use, then we get a bunch of recent grads writing an article. Was this a thesis exercise? I'm considering removing my trailing stop because of the selloff that will inherently occur (albeit temporary). With additional product already generating revenue such as Graphix and Ovation, why the panic? Because of the race for the golden egg and corporate sabotage, for someone else’s gain - that’s why. (whether it be personal, another company slamming #1 to shed light on their product that is #2, or lower the price to establish a good position / takeover).

    At any rate - don't panic people!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Those "students" are SHORT, probably through their families in CHINA. They are peddling fast to try and protect their butts. They did not anticipate all the POSITIVE information and had to come up with something. The piece is obviously written by amateurs, (all be it amateurs that CLAIM a respectable University) and BLATANTLY a hit piece. It will pass.

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