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  • ozark580 ozark580 Apr 2, 2013 12:39 PM Flag

    Blockbuster Products

    Osiris has hit a home run with their Biosurgery Products, Grafix, Ovation and Cartiform and their market niche has been estimated as huge. Osiris did give us a hint as to the size of their potential markets and a "near term" projections on two products.

    Here is a list of Osiris' approved Biosurgery products that are actively being sold in the mark place today:

    Grafix for Burns has a market potential of $150 to $300 million.
    Grafix for Limb Salvage has a market potential of $1 billion.
    Grafix for Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU) has a market potential of $2 billion.
    Ovation for Hip Revision has a market potential of $500 million.
    Ovation for Spine Fusion, has a market potential of $900 million and Dr. Mills estimates a near term target of $30 to $50 million.
    Cartiform for Cartilage Knee repair, has a market potential of $500 million and Dr. Mills estimates they will do $15 to $30 million in the near term

    My guess is that "near term" means 12 to 18 months.

    Whatever percentage of the market Osiris ultimately captures, Osiris will be a winner. Even a low percentage like 4% or 5 % will make them a huge winner. We have already been seeing a growth rate of over 30% quarter over quarter and Sales are beginning to gather momentum. make this even more pleasant, the Osiris Therapeutic division has Prochymal medically approved for the GvHD disease indication in Canada and New Zealand and they are getting ready to launch Sales for this new product which has a worldwide potential market of $500 million. When they add Prochymal for Crohns disease and then Acute Myocardial Infarction (heart attack), they will have another $3 billion dollar market.

    Do your due diligence, it just keeps getting better!

    No Debt, $32 million cash on hand, less than $4 million burn rate per quarter, huge insider ownership, low number of outstanding shares, never diluted shareholders, 70% gross profit margin and cash coming into the company everyday by selling real products.

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