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  • rdiggerg rdiggerg Apr 10, 2013 9:09 AM Flag

    stock ownership

    All directors combined own 16.35 million shares or 48.4%. Venturetec owns 4.1 million shares or 12.5%. Thom as Schmidheing owns 3 million shares or 9.3%. BIH SA owns 2.65 million shares or 8.2%. From the yahoo shareholder list, top institutions and mutual funds own around 5 million shares. That leaves around 1 million shares for the rest of us? Do I have this close to right? (Ownership figures from yesterday's Proxy material page 10.)

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    • You are showing the general consensus of the folks on this message board. The last time we ran the numbers we figured about 6 million in the actual float...but that was a while back. The float gets tighter everyday as the longs keep gathering up more shares.

      The next earnings report could slaughter the Shorts and that is why they are pushing so hard to "hold-the-line". They know their time alotment is about to expire. Their game right now is to try and get new Shorts to take over their losing positions; a suckers play. Cramers upgrade to "Hold" was just a "cover" for their true play.

      Osiris earnings will stop all of this foolishness by the Shorts.

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