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  • ozark580 ozark580 Apr 18, 2013 12:12 PM Flag

    Something brand new - Ovation OS

    The Osiris pipeline is expanding with a new product, but not yet announced... Ovation OS.

    I also sitting on a clue for perhaps another forthcoming announcement, but I haven't confirmed yet. This is one that no one has even thought about. I rather not post this one yet, perhaps we'll see an annoucement at conference call time.

    Osiris is full of surprises. This is a growing biotech with some serious products!

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    • What is Ovation OS?

      I don't know, but the words "Obstetrics Scars" fits rather nicely. If the doc would slather a little Ovation OS over that bikini cut, you could look great at the beach next summer. Just thinking out loud!

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      • You folka need to stop building the Osiris markets. I'm 79 years old and I own more shares than I should
        because of the compellling market potential. I'm still mostly in cash because of the condition of our and the
        world stock markets. We are overdue for a major correction in our stock market and the world stock markets.
        So why am I continuing to add to my Osiris position? It's easy to answer that's for the kids and
        grand kids education. I have been investing for over 55 years and Osiris is the best investment I have ever
        found....potentially.....based on how good the management is in takeing advantage of the marketing opportunity
        that they presently have in front of them. Are they capable of taking advantage of it? I have no idea.
        Personally, I would like to see them get connected to a major pharma who already has the marketing and
        sales organization in place. Trying to build these company capabilities now in this dynamic corporate world
        now a waste of time and possible a waste of an opportunity. Don't think that big pharma doesn't know
        what Osiris is doing and trying to do. There are "no secrets in this World".. even with what we think is
        patents and rights protected.
        So....hope Osiris doesn't mess up this opportunity....and yes....I will add to my OSIR position again today.
        Good luck to us all and thanks group for the original thinking you do and share. Hope Osiris is reading
        and acting. George

      • I do not know what the OS stands for but it sure sounds like it is an abreviation. So, looking medical up definitions, I found the following: OS - mouth, OS - Oculus Sinister or Left Eye; and OS - Ostegenic Sarcoma.

        I like Ostegenic Sarcoma - Osteosarcoma is an aggressive malignant neoplasm arising from primitive transformed cells of mesenchymal origin (and thus a sarcoma) that exhibit osteoblastic differentiation and produce malignant osteoid. It is the most common histological form of primary bone cancer.

      • biggest market of all by far.

        A Caesarean section is usually performed when a vaginal delivery would put the baby's or mother's life or health at risk, although in recent times it has also been performed upon request for childbirths that could otherwise have been natural.[1][2][3] In recent years, the rate has risen to a record level of 46% in China and to levels of 25% and above in many Asian, European and Latin American countries.[4] The rate has increased significantly in the United States, to 33 percent of all births in 2011, up from 21 percent in 1996, and in the rate in 2009 varied widely between hospitals (ranging from 6.9% to 69.9% of births).[5][6] Across Europe, there are significant differences between countries: in Italy the Caesarean section rate is 40%, while in the Nordic countries it is only 14%.[7]

    • Ozark, you always amaze me with your superior research. Great find!

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