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  • frasoda80 frasoda80 Jun 14, 2013 10:59 AM Flag


    with the utmost respect.
    ozark you seem a normal situation?
    there is no market! no action is quite firm. unas I had never seen such situation

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    • Osiris is a very, very rare stock and does not follow the pattern of the typical biotech. Many other biotechs have high debt, constantly losing and bleeding money, always low on cash, always issuing more dilutive shares, have huge amounts of outstanding shares, constantly releasing Press Releases and never making any forward progress for the shareholders.

      Osiris is just the opposite of the typical biotech. Osiris has NO Debt, keeps their burn rate under full control, thaks to a great CFO, Phil Jacoby. Has plenty of Cash on hand, never dilutes it's stock and plans to never do so, seldom releases News reports, but when they do they are meaningful, has made tremendous forward progress with 4 new products with 3 of them already in the marketplace an another at the doorstep of the marketplace. Has very low number of outstanding shares and most of them closely held by insiders. The free stock float is very low with most of those shares tightly held by wise investors. There just isn't much room for anymore least not large ones.

      Our payoff comes when earnings start throwing off free cash...the net value of the company will grow as cash begins to fill up the cash account. As I see it, Osiris will be cashflow positive by the 3rd quarter 2013. Wait for it! Other investors will start seeing the Cash build up and that can't be ignored. Then the shareprice bidding will begin!

      Being early to the party will have it's rewards.

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      • ok oz. I still trust you. I bought Osir are sincere thanks to you and your messages. keep the positions and continue to accumulate. fingers crossed and hope that we made a good choice. good weekend to all long. are at sea and I can guarantee you that this season Italy is fantastic.

      • Thank you Ozark for providing helpful information on the status of Osiris. I have come up the learning
        curve enough to feel confident in my ownership of OSIR due to my trust in what I have learned. A good deal
        of what I have learned has come from your posts. In my past business life it was always helpful to know who I
        am talking to when I received information to help my consulting engineering office. Is there anything that you
        could relate to us about just who you are and how you come by your information without violating any
        trust. It may also give us greater confidence to enlarge our positions and to have greater confidence in
        spreading the great story of Osiris and it's products.

        Thanks again and hope you're able to help. George

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