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  • liberal_love liberal_love Aug 26, 2013 11:51 AM Flag

    Adam Feuerstein: Put Not Your Faith In Osiris!


    “In typical Osiris fashion, important details about the Grafix study, including baseline characteristics of the patients, wound recurrence and persistence of response data, have not been disclosed… Osiris has a bad habit of using press releases to promulgate half-truths about clinical trial results, so there's no reason to believe last week's Grafix data announcement is any more transparent.” ---- Adam Feuerstein

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    • Any person knowledgeable about healing of diabetic foot ulcers and treatments thereof would realize that this study was 1) poorly designed and 2) reported to highlight anything positive. the data are essentially useless for anything - approval, reimbursement you name it. The study was single-blinded. Hence any claim of "fewer adverse events" in the Grafix group is not valid as the AE reporter was not blinded; the control group was simply a dry dressing - not even close to state of the art control group (see FDA guidelines); the control group healing rate of 21% is well below any standard of care in any study of recent vintage - even Regranex In the late 90s had 30% healing in standard of care!; the ulcers were probably healing at baseline...a one week run in is not enough etc etc etc. Also the ulcers could have been on the dorsal surface of the foot...much easier to heal than plantar surface for many of the patients had dorsal rather than plantar ulcers? Not stated.......Pump it up! this is shameful and disrespects the diabetics who have this problem and the docs trying to help them....give us the real data!!!

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      • Well genius explain how you would design a double blinded study for treating foot ulcers. First obstacle: How can the treating clinician not know whether he is using Grafix or SOC (standard of care). In this study the results were interpreted by a third party.

        Ok genius earn your second dollar today. I will assume the first was from your misleading post. Lots of money in disinformation apparently.

        We are all awaiting your answer.

    • dominickrossi Aug 27, 2013 7:09 AM Flag

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    • dude, just say you scared.......I would be too, if I were currently short.....bringing up old AF BS is really desperate .....Once a HF jumps on this stock, its game over for your my friend.... I expect that to happen any day cap is tiny and they will have this at 30 in 30 minutes......sleep well

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