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  • resp17zx Sep 27, 2013 7:18 PM Flag

    And on Monday morning?


    What should we expect? I'm almost fully reloaded in the 16-17 range now and am anxiously awaiting the next major move (to the upside) of course.

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    • Perhaps we will start seeing some mention in high profile articles on Monday and some special attention in medical journals. It will take a few weeks for doctors to talk to each other asking and telling the other; "Have you tried Grafix yet, that stuff is amazing?"

      The important thing here is Grafix was shown to thousands of doctors and 7 abstracts/studies were presented to them which strongly supported their claims. Over 100 patients were treated with Grafix and those were spread out over 19 independent centers.

      Many doctors saw Grafix for the first time and free samples will start flowing out of the Osiris lockers. This event will boost Sales, but it will take some time for the free samples to percolate up into new purchase orders. The results won't hit until next quarter.

      Other presentations are being made to smaller groups of doctors, 4 to 6 at a time. Osiris is moving the ball and they are on the march to the goal line.

    • I'm underwhelmed by the lack of any significant movement in the volume of shares traded today. The Osiris press releases prepared us to expect the Grafix podium report by Dr. Larry and seven published abstracts of related clinical findings circulated at the SAWC were groundbreaking information for the nation's wound care surgeons. If it was a big event Friday morning in Las Vegas, there was no hint of it having any significance this afternoon on Wall Street. How remarkably different today was from the response to the 13 August report when about 7 million shares traded and OSIR went from about $11 to about $25. That's puzzling. "Next Monday morning?" Resp asks. The contentious House bill and possible shut down of the U.S. Gov't on Monday evening may dominate the news making it difficult to discern any objective response to Dr. Larry's presentation, whatever it was. We need to get a copy of his presentation either in written form or on video. Osiris investors deserve this. Here's wishing a good weekend for all Osiris employees and investors.

    • any news on how the conference went?

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