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  • vincenzo01 vincenzo01 Oct 8, 2013 4:47 AM Flag

    Seeking Alpha author compares Pluristem & Osiris GvHD technology

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    • And from that you conclude something profound?

    • That was one of the poorest and most biased articles I've read in a while. An obviously orchestrated piece directed by someone else and probably the first of a coming series of targeted pieces with the final article probably being written by our long time grudge holder AF. We will all look forward to another good laugh!

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      • I read it as a desperate shareholder trying to drum up interest in her bad investment. As poorly written and unsubstantiated as it was, I didn't think there was any conspiracy behind it, just distress. PSTI is not a great company -- they have a history of shady practices, hype, dillution, and pumping and as others have noted, are years behind. The author was obviously trying to tether her sinking ship to Osiris by way of a week comparison (seriously, a therapy in Phase II vs. one that has already been approved in two different countries, first in it's class?).

        Anyway...drivel...but sadly, up on a soapbox.

      • A very astute reader response to the Seeking Alpha article:

        "Pluristem is going nowhere fast. Phase II clinical trials. Who knows if any of the trials will ever make it to a Phase III trial and beyond. No drugs or biosurgery products anywhere in the near future. This is dead money for years to come. Perhaps one or more of the pipeline drugs or products will make it to market in ten years. If you are patient and willing to take a great risk with a substantial dilution possibility, this is the company for you. I have no doubt that adult and fetal stem cells are the future but I would look to more advanced biosurgery companies. GLTA, you will need it. "

      • very true ozark, did you see how our paid pro basher and fan of psti vanished ? psti is years behind us and most likely is infringeing on our patents. every competitor is very wellcomed now as they help to advance stem cells story. but at right moment the empire will strike back.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Meanwhile, Osiris moves even closer to the Swiss Medic approval and after that a billion dollar collaboration with big pharma. And... on the other side of this multi-faceted gem of a company, we have the Osiris Grafix and Ovation products making history, with Sales growing at over 30% quarter over quarter. Why didn't I see any reference to those facts in that Seeking Alpha article?

      • A visit to the Pluristem Therapeutics, Inc.(PSTI) Yahoo board makes it clear that somebody is trying very hard to promote this stock. Several of the very recent posts are pure hype.

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