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  • daniel7711_ega daniel7711_ega Oct 11, 2013 11:38 AM Flag

    One thing's for sure

    We really don't know the dynamics/reasons for OSIR selling Prochymal and ceMSC technology. Many cases could be made for various scenarios. On the surface, IMHO, it looks a little negative considering the apparent loss of potential. OSIR has been at this approval process for 4 years with very disappointing success. The upside to this will be "we won't have to read swissmedic and collaboration" expert posting.

    I am heartened by the restraint of the PPS spiking to an unsustainable point and then pulling back again. Could be the spike did not happen because of the recent pullbacks. Those pops and pullbacks do take their toll. Just my outlook.

    For those posters with a propensity to dwell on the obvious....taking a page from the apparent methods by which CARTIFORM is used....Would it be possible to apply the methods and produce products to regenerate internal organs? Of's always been and forever will be OSIRIS' ENDGAME.

    In that and other respects.....Prochymal, looking at the big picture, is extremely overpriced at $100 mil.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I never invested for the Prochymal products, only for the biosurgery/wound care side. A revenue stream without the clinical headaches is just fine with me. Analyst will need to factor out of their models the sale of assets which probably has been met with some confusion.

    • Daniel,
      I still believe it is about focus ... after the recent good news, it is apparent they may have been distracted with Prochymal and saw a way to cut expenses, pick up some extra cash and reprioritize?

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      • Hindsight's 20/20....Distraction?

        Point is....OSIR could not find a collaboration partner. That was obvious after a year of negotiating. OSIR needed funding for BP. Dilute or hold Mesoblast's feet to the fire for whatever they could $100 mil ain't that bad or $50 mil to take BP to a real value play.

        I'm certain Michelle has a marvelous plan....OSIR's Biosurgery Products will be the regenerative standard.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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