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  • babykahn babykahn Oct 21, 2013 12:45 PM Flag

    Shorts working overtime

    So we have the not so unexpected FDA settlement, and in the same day AF releases his brood of vipers. His release is as usual full of half truths, and his boy Jason N, comments on how changes to 2014 reimbursement will hurt Grafix. These BOYS sure want the share price to drop. Notice not ONE shot against MDXG from them. That's because they are in Parker Petit's pocket.

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    • We had an AF writer slander MDXG. Last name Pearson with unsubstantiated #$%$. So AF is not in the tank with MDXG. AF is just not that credible and full of shorts.

      As for the meeting with Dr Mills and FDA, how come shareholders were not alerted? The letter was dated Sept 26 and today it Oct 21. MDXG got hammered for an untitled letter on injectables. This is worse because biosurgery is the bread and butter for OSIR. It makes a little more sense why OSIR liquidated a product, they will need to fund trials and are probably looking to avoid dilution of shares.

    • you OSIR longs are such a funny bunch
      you beat on MDXG even though they come and came to the table with facts
      now the shoe is on the other foot and you guys cry like babies - rightfully so as Randy has slipped you all a ruffie in your investment

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