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  • nasdaqczar2 nasdaqczar2 Nov 5, 2010 2:33 AM Flag


    This is not my fight i was asleep soundly with no spex shares when oct 7th came and went and the stock collapsed but if you want your money back i suggest you contact the Etrade Compliance Officer asap so they can begin an investigation freeze his account document the manipulation contact sec finra and nasdaq to reverse the trades 20% moves in the premarket or after hours can be reversed just like fat finger 1000 point drop day, the problem here is he caused a panic and a crash in the stock he couldn't get out you can see one sell after another in his screenshots the price kept falling granted he has 3 legit trades from august 17 1.40 1.50 1.50 around 3500 shares he got greedy and bought up the shares around $2.58 in the premarket trying to get a quick pop unfortunately the market makers would not play ball only daytraders bought those share it just kept falling like a knife he was trapped and stuck with all those shares i estimate he cost himself -$50k in the scam, wiping out his profits on the 3500 shares, he is a total loser who will join madoff in federal prison make sure you demand the trades be reversed under law nasdaq will be forced to void the trades. Yahoo has his IP address the authorities they will have no problem getting an indictment against him a search warrant for his home and seize his account and computer.

    the narcissistic thing about this is he posted his crime with pictures screenshots of his manipulation like all crooks they slip up and their conscience spills the beans, its like a serial killer who returns to the the scene to get an emotional high off of it, id say he should get 5 years no computer access ever again barred from having a trading account, basically this guy is out of control he has scammed many times he does have a little buying power in his etrade account to pull these manipulative stock trades off which is disturbing, he is a bad guy but there are lots of rotten apples had qtrchit and this nutjob not insulted me i would never have uncovered the scheme but he got upset i upgraded the stock and am giving the crackpots another chance to his dismay, so what now??? you lost a fortune this guy caused incredible losses and a panic... if you want your money back contact the authorities and the etrade compliance officer to freeze his account asap, before he pulls out his money tisk tisk son what a dummy posts the evidence of his crime really sad spex is a tragic situation it dont need to be made worse by manipulation by one desperate guy with an etrade account he is in serious trouble now and hot water no doubt they have him under surveillance and market watch is about to nab him keep the pressure on the SEC and Etrade compliance officer they will pick him up if you keep pestering them they can get him for wire fraud he will plea guilty quick once he gets in custody eom

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