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  • investora2z investora2z May 3, 2013 7:03 AM Flag

    Changed business model may help

    Spherix has increased its endeavor for extending the commercial market for D-tagatose. It is also attempting to extend the structure function claims for the GRAS food ingredient, and for optimizing a new system of D-tagatose production. Spherix had recently signed an NDA with WIO SmartFoods LLC (Utah) and has been selling D-tagatose to it. WIO certifies bariatric clinics and diet clinics to use its proprietary meal replacement plan to promote weight loss and helping people with metabolic syndrome which is characterized by obesity, diabetes, and atherosclerosis (Spherix's areas of research). D-tagatose is, therefore, not just a simple low calorie sweetener, and with expanding markets, the potential of the ingredient is likely to grow. Spherix wants to analyze ways to reduce cost of production so that the product can be used more widely. High cost of production has been one of the main obstacles for growth in usage. After change of its business model recently, Spherix is a full service patent company which provides a global commercialization platform for patent protected technologies. It is no longer restricted to drug research and intends to acquire / monetize patents in various fields. Recently it entered the patents arena of wireless communications and telecommunication sectors including antenna technology etc. Even for its drug research, it has several patent applications pending. Most importantly, Spherix has been able to find the backing of Hudson Bay Capital and Iroquois Capital Group which are known to be astute investors in the small cap companies. The IPR monetization business is a business model now with several companies making it big through infringement lawsuits and licensing revenues. The future of Spherix depends on its ability to optimize the value of its patents through enforcements from time to time. Of course, revenues from products like D-tagatose will help bring in a regular stream of cash flow which will strengthen the balance sheet.

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