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  • zigstick zigstick Sep 25, 2003 6:45 PM Flag


    The good news keeps coming for the good folks in Jacksonville.
    1. reduced cube sizes
    2. elmination of bonuses
    3. decreased insurance subsidation (by 50%)
    4. 4 weeks vacation to 2 weeks (no floaters)
    5. elmination of personal items in offices
    6. squirrely California types roaming the halls
    7. No sick pay
    ... and the stock price keeps dropping.

    Rumors of mass walkouts are in the air. Certainly changes are to be expected when takeovers occur, but there's a right and wrong way to blend corporate cultures. Me thinks this isn't going to work unless Foley gets a clue.

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    • >1. reduced cube sizes
      >2. elmination of bonuses
      >3. decreased insurance subsidation (by 50%)
      >4. 4 weeks vacation to 2 weeks (no floaters)
      >5. elmination of personal items in offices
      >6. squirrely California types roaming the halls
      >7. No sick pay

      1. Not true for me - still got my tiny box.
      2. A bonus?! what's that?!
      3. Not sure about the decrease, but I do know my contribution went up FOUR FREAKIN' Times!
      4. I only got 2 weeks and I hope I get to keep 'em. I was told we would get to keep the 5 floaters I had before. If they touch my lil 2 weeks they will be hell raised.
      5. Not true for me
      6. haven't seen 'em yet ;)
      7. Not 100% true. Sick days were cut back from 10 to 5 and now they are accrued?! so too is the vacation time, so I can't get sick or take any time off 'til the summer of 2004 :(

      oh, but I do get to invest in the company stock?! Oooooo.. and lose my itty bitty retirement money??? Don't think SO!

      So, this is what they meant when they said "it will get better" being on the Fidelity Team??

    • That points out one of the problems -- state-by-state regulation (and as a states-righter, it pains me to say that).

      The system in your state appears to be working.

      But in many states there is really no effective regulation. Every conceivable service, and then some, is charged on the HUD form; and most of those are marked up 300-600%. On top of that, the settlement attorney (wearing his "agent" hat) rakes off 80% of the premium.

      The abuses threaten the entire industry, especially considering that two of the worst states, Virginia and Maryland, are the home of the federal gov't as in HUD and Justice lawyers.

    • Good post.

      We probably agree more than we disagree.

    • RE: #2 I never got a bonus under AT. In fact the only bonus I ever got came the first month after the AT/FNF deal closed.
      If Jax doesn't want to be HQ then LR will gladly welcome the execs. I'll even voulenteer my time to take them trout fishing.
      If there is a mass walkout in Jax then I guess the cube sizes will not have to shrink.
      Come on brothers and sisters! Stop complaining and lets do what we do best...make this company something every employee from the executives to the grounds keepers can be proud of.

    • Good, now if the market would only realize that. Good weekend Max!

    • Can someone else complain about FNF's ability to make things more profitable?!?

      It seems to have a favorably direct affect in stock prices.

    • well, item 6 is true. In fact, if Davis looses the recall election in CA, he has a standing offer to become a programmer in Jacksonville.

    • You had it to good for too long. Any employees that cannot take the changes should not let the door hit them on the way out! Get out of corporate America if you can take change. Alltel barely inforced a single employee policy.They were very lax. Foley and crew mo how to cut cost only were needed and treat their employees very well. Sounds like you are bitter. By the way, FNF does pay sick leave so get your facts straight.

    • Me thinks Foley already does have a clue. Sorry that your life is changing, but trust me on this......get over it and get going.

      You created your ID today, obviously a little bitter......I know the feeling. Bottom line is that Foley will adjust staff size / compensation / perks for employees in order to maintain profitability and return....regardless of stock price. It's a tough world.

      Keep going Bill!

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