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  • red_barchetta_drearns red_barchetta_drearns Feb 8, 2005 7:51 PM Flag

    White Breads on a roll!

    -- Establishment referees kept Donovan McNabb from becoming second African-American QB to win the Superbowl (BTW, I prefer soccer myself. It is so much more civilized. But in this country one just can't escape "football"). He should have joined Drug Williams, the all-time Redskins QB, but we just can't have TWO of "them," now can we?

    -- FCC dictates halftime show by 60-ish white male Rock&Roll wannabe, who doesn't even pretend he can dance (and he can't even sing -- it was all pre-recorded). Oh, for 50-cent, a TRUE talent! He ROCKS!! And he would never kowtow to the NFL!

    -- Today, Karl Rove has seized power. Mark my words, he is now in charge. An ominous development.

    -- And to my disappointment, even my rep Nancy Pelosi has sold out to the "right." Stop rolling over, Nancy! STOP NOW! STOP NOW! STOP NOW!

    What does this have to do with FNF? Well, a lot. Until FNF recognizes and authorizes benefits for ALL marriage partners, whether gay, lesbian, transgender, gender-optional, or gender-indeterminate (after all,we are all PEOPLE whatever society's label, where is your decency!), I will continue to prod FNF's social conscience, and -- hopefully, I know it's difficult for them to understand -- educate this message board. And believe me, you red-staters DO need some educating! Perhaps if you hadn't wasted all that time preparing for standardized tests...but that's another pet peeve.

    Do The Right Thing, FNF! Recognize all marriages! DO THE RIGHT THING, DO THE RIGHT THING, DO THE RIGHT THING!!!

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    • Or so he says. Mr. Steak and Wine has left us to discuss whatever we feel like discussing, at least for tonight. Tomorrow, we'll have to be more circumspect, or risk-- what? Another load of his melodramatic ire?

    • Considering how much of your rudeness others put up with, I still don't think you have earned the right to tell anyone what to discuss. If you have something about FNF you want to talk about, let's see it. And I'd really rather not see you. . . later.

    • Are you the message board monitor? You may live in Kingman, but you're not King, no matter what you call yourself. We can all discuss what we choose to discuss. No one has a gun at your head. Don't read it.

    • please refrain from posting remarks/opinions on matters other than FNF...
      These posts are simply clogging up the board.
      It is often impossible to determine what insight on FNF(if ANY!) a particular post offers without reading it. The "RE" is often NOT helpful.
      So a "just don't read the post" response is not an appropriate answer.
      As message # 8960 points out very well, there are more appropriate message boards for those other topics.

      Thank you.


      Your overuse of CAPS is annoying and it's out of character for a "steak and wine" guy.

    • be that stupid or have that much difficulty reading and COMPREHENDING the English language. I never once "atacked you mercilessly" (or in ANY other way). All that I ever said was that your (and EVERYONE elses) political and religious view points (which also, of course, includes MINE) have NO place on this kind of a BUSINESS type message board. That's it - PERIOD!! NOTHING ELSE!! Anyway, this is getting really boring and it's almost "steak and wine" time so that will have to be it for tonight and, actually, that will be "it" FOREVER because if you don't get it by now then you obviously just never will. (BTW) My marriage status is yet ANOTHER one (1) of those things which is simply way too much of a PERSONAL thing to be mentioning here on a BUSINESS type of message board. Geeze, you know it's really just NOT all that hard to understand. It really isn't. Well, at least it SHOULDN'T be. Oh yeah (BTW) I corrected the spelling of the word "mercilessly" for you. You have a nice night. Later.

    • and just remeber on your tombstone I doubt if it will say 'he made a fortune on FNF'.

      One more thing to consider:
      The number of people at your funeral will be directly proportional to the weather.

      I hope it is a nice day.

    • Why you attack me mercilously with such venom, is hard to understand since you have no idea who I am, my thought process, race, religion, and approach to life. If you are married, and I can understand if you're not, do you emit tirade after tirade towards your wife if she leaves a spot on the floor, or keeps putting the toilet seat down or dinner is a little cool or is late picking you up from the train. I own a significant amount of FNF shares and enjoy the message board banter from time to time. If you don't it is your problem not mine.

    • VERY Conservative Republican and, Yes, I most definitely DO believe in God. However, I also have enough COMMON SENSE to know to NOT discuss such very PERSONAL beliefs on a BUSINESS type message board. If you really want to discuss such very PERSONAL beliefs then that's FINE - but NOT HERE!! Like I said before, there are MANY other message boards (chat rooms) that are specifically designed and set up for people like you to FULLY discuss such things and, once again, THAT'S FINE. It really is. GO FOR IT!! - but "go for it" OVER THERE!! All that I am TRYING to tell you is that a BUSINESS type message board (like - DUH!! - this one is) is NOT the place for such discussions. (IOW) We simply don't GIVE-A-DAMN what your (or ANYONE elses) political and/or religious view points are. We are here to discuss - SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!! - FNF and ONLY FNF. Have a nice day. Later.

    • constantly fill up a message board with a whole lot of totally IRRELEVANT and totally WORTHLESS CRAP which NO ONE CARES ABOUT? That is NOT a "standard". That is a SICKNESS. Later.

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