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  • red_barchetta_drearns red_barchetta_drearns Feb 15, 2006 5:32 PM Flag

    One-tract "minds"


    Dog crap?

    You reBUBlicans have shown where your minds are, that's for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I try to make reasoned arguments to you as a FRIEND, and I get invective in return!!!!!!

    Well I will not stoop to it, then I would be like a reBUBlican, instead I will continue to use LOGIC, and approach you as misguided friends, if one of you sees the light and overcomes your PREJUDICES it will be worth it!!!!!!

    Sticks and stones (and shotguns!!!!) can break MY bones, but harsh reBUBlican words will never harm me!!!!!!!!!!

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    • >I'm at a loss to understand what all this NON-FNF political crapola is even doing here.

      Look in the mirror and ask. You just did it.

      You feed trolls. Unfortunatly you are not alone in that.

    • In deference to the vice president after his shooting mishap, the NRA might have to change its suggestive firing procedure from "ready, aim, fire" to "ready, fire, aim." You can picture this little munchkin of a guy wheeling wildly at the sign of quail -- the very personification of red state machismo at its primitive best (not sure if he had a cheek full of chewing tobacco) -- but almost stumbling as he fills the air with pellets.

      Of course it would have been funnier if a man didn't have a pellet lodged in his heart.

    • If anyone dared missed yesterdays sound bite of Nancy Pelosi (Demo Minority Whip)pontificate about the Cheney hunting accident it was great theater and quite humorous - and of course quite embarrassing AGAIN. It's called Foot in Mouth disease. Isn't she from that far left wing area they call Northern California?

      The leader of the BLUE STATE PARTY-was seen on all the left wing elite media stations connecting the dots that the slower than expected news that Cheney was involved in a personal hunting accident (with a gun no less) was in fact similar and on par with the Bush administration's cover up of WMD in Iraq, the slow response to Hurricane Katrina and the cash payoffs from the lobbyist Jack Abermoof which by the way several Democratic party members had their hands out too.

      This is so typical of the Democratic response to a 6th page news story that they will try as hard as they can to fabricate a story out of nothing to make Bush and Cheney look bad. As usual they blow everything out of proportion. It will backfire for the Democratic party when they look back at one more bogus politcal suicide move. Harry Reed is another wannabee leader that should retire before he makes a bigger fool out of himself than he already has.

      These kind of Democratic blunders will sink the BLUE STATE PARTY further and further into political oblivion. Hillary is fooling nobody trying to move more to the center. She is a carpetbagger Senator who is always looking ahead to the next place to hang her hat like her husband. The far left wing party of NY state along with the left wing elite media in New York helped her win the election. That will be as far as she goes because she is a chameleon and will start to abondon the very far left wing constituents who elected her in NY and try to become more moderate to get the Democratic Nominee for President in 2008. She will use and abuse the people in NY and abandon them at the altar as she sucks up to more moderates to get the nomination. New Yorkers will get burned and I hope they don't forget.

      I ask Redlac and any other braveheart partyline Democrats this question: Why is Fox News so far ahead in the TV ratings over CNN, MSNBC and all the network channels?

      Is it luck, better looking talking heads or boobs, better news coverage, more sports, more Michael Jackson coverage of wearing a dress in Bahrain, etc, etc.

      No NO NO - it's because the MAJORITY of Amercicans are voting with their TV remote controls and turning off the far left Dan Rather garbage the other stations put out and tuning into the fair and balanced news on FOX. It is undisputable - the ratings don't lie. More and more Americans are abondoning the Democratic Party and any affiliations they have or stand for like Dan Rather's career ending Foot in Mouth Disease new reporting. Bill O'Reilly(and RUSH)eat the ACLU and the far left supporters for lunch and they can't stand it.

      As long as the Democrats have people on their team to preach their agenda like Pelosi, Dean, Reed, Sharpton, etc. and their affiliations with the ACLU, Hollywood, Gay Marriage, Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore, Woopie Goldberg, anti-war, anti guns and liberal morals - they will be in the rear view mirror of future Republican victories.

      The Democratic Party is in disaray, no message, and is firmly in control by the far left like wackos as Redlac. Our country deserves better than what they offer and the people have spoken the last 8 years.

    • There was an interesting interview with Christie Todd Whitman on the Colbert Report, I think, a few days ago. Remember she had resigned from the Bush admin early on. She openly espoused the moderate wing of the Reps as an alternative to the current wackos in power. Hopefully we will have a choice of Guliani and other moderates next election and this isn't a case of rats leaving a sinking ship.

    • Well spoken fniscannedme2. pregnantstocks is too far off the deep end to even attempt a counterpoint, it appears.

    • I'm at a loss to understand what all this NON-FNF political crapola is even doing here.

      OK - Bush is a mental midget and Cheney a evil villian, but at the end of the day, what the heck does that have to do with our portfolios? Nothing, right?

      I'm more interested in knowing the next strategic moves that "Foley the Wonder Dog" has up his sleeve - if anything. The foundation of segments of this holding company have a number of volatile pieces in the market, and I see no reason to have any warm fuzzies about this company. I can actually see some tangible moves at 1-2 competitors that can justify some migration their way.

      Based on the housing market, government investigations on paybacks, increased competition, increased regulation (and costs), and some legacy technology at FIS, there's plenty for Foley and his band of reknown to be sleepless about these days. I've dropped of some shorts in recent months, and slimmed down a bit on the longs. I have seen nothing here to justify a different strategy at this point, despite their hokey "optimism" for 2006 (based on what tangible substance, I ask). Maybe things will improve Q2.

    • "As a conservative" LOL You brain dead cretins slay me.

      Bush is going to have to let a few of you glow in the dark before we take care of the problem once and for all.

      "I hate to point out that DOD also points out that most of what we're fighting are home-grown Sunni's who had nothing to do with the terrorism you seem to be so certain we're fighting, until we booted their benefactor out of power"

      We know Sadam had terrorist camps because we found them. So what your saying is these current terrorist in Iraq are different people than those trained in the camps. How do you know?


      New flash:
      Updated 2006-02-17 14:18:56
      By Paul Schemm - BAGHDAD

      After a grisly series of civilian deaths from bombings in downtown Samarra, Hekmat Mumtaz, leader of the Al Bu Baz tribe, met with local Al-Qaeda commander Abu Abdullah and asked him to halt operations inside population centers.

      Mumtaz had himself been released only a month earlier after spending a year in US detention facilities for supporting the rebels but, like many Iraqis, by the summer 2005 he was tiring of the violence and civilian casualties.

      "You have miles of open road filled with US convoys to attack, why are you setting off bombs inside town?" associates quote Mumtaz as telling Abu Abdullah at the time.

      The legitimacy of targeting locally recruited police and other civilians has deeply divided Iraq's insurgent groups with more nationalist-minded insurgents increasingly joining tribal leaders in opposing the more aggressive tactics of the foreign-led Islamic militants of Al-Qaeda.

      "foreign-led Islamic militants of Al-Qaeda" Your dictionary and mine must be different. LOL

      I truly hope you get to meet one of these guys. You can pat him on the back right up to when he cuts your head off.

    • As a conservative, I'm always interested in the unthinking reactions of reactionaries like yourself whose perceptions of Iraq and of those who practice Islam have no basis in life. If, after all, Islam was monolithic you'd think the clerics could persuade more than 3000 or so adherents out of the hunreds of millions available to run over to Iraq to fight the troops of the great Satan. And, of course, I hate to point out that DOD also points out that most of what we're fighting are home-grown Sunni's who had nothing to do with the terrorism you seem to be so certain we're fighting, until we booted their benefactor out of power. And, lacking reason or judgement, it has apparently also never occurred to you that our actions in Iraq have served to galvanize, rather than undermine those within Islam who see us as such a threat to their chosen way of life. Now I realize that you undoubtedly need to believe that our little land force in that single country will somehow serve to take you to your promised land - which will be entirely devoid of anyone of the Islamic faith, but the more likely result will be that having been around for 13 centuries, that they'll still be saying all the same things in the future that they were saying in thge past. The principal difference being that there weren't several thousand journalists working the inet to put all of that commentary in front of your obviously fixated little mind.

    • You might also find the cartoons of Mohammed interesting.

      Remember that they appeared last September

      Here are images of Mohammed found in Islamic art, in particular in Iranian art

    • Here is a link to the English translation of the Hamas Covenant (manifesto) of 1988:

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