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  • peter_moyer peter_moyer Jan 22, 2009 11:40 AM Flag

    Who's in charge of Jacksonville, Irvine, and Omaha?

    After the recent bloodletting at FNF, Commonwealth Land America, Chicago Title and Fidelity National Title, who are the parties in charge of legal operations and claims in Jacksonville, FL, Irvine CA and Omaha NE?

    Anyone know?

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    • r.mundi Aug 13, 2009 5:01 PM Flag

      Like many others, I too am thinking about working the Omaha office. This will be a signficant move for our family.

      Can those of you with actual knowledge please, please share as much info as you can re: working conditions, salaries, personalities, actual hours worked (how many weekends, etc.) -- just anything and everything at all you are willing to share? We would so much appreciate it.

      Please feel free to contact me directly if you prefer at Thank you so much.

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      • I can tell you that FNF is a financially stable company, and the Omaha office is run by a very competent manager/vice president (Owen Girard). The expectation is that everyone will work hard to get this new office off the ground and make it successful. The office has grown from 12 attorneys last September to nearly 250 now....that is huge growth in 11 months, and yes there have been terminations in that time due to people who do not want to work hard and/or know what they are doing. The person on this board who is spewing negative information about the company was probably fired for cause and now is sour grapes.

        The company is moving into a large, 4 story office building in a premier business park in two weeks. The manager is consolidating 3 offices around town to move everyone into a 70,000 square foot office. I don't know of too many companies that have grown this large and done this well in the present economy when unemployment is at an all-time high.

        Salaries are highly competitive and overtime is paid in generous amounts for any and all weekend work. Actual weekday hours are 8-5, but as we all know, attorneys work until the work is done.

    • Karen Wislow in Jacksonville

    • lixh Jul 5, 2009 1:05 AM Flag

      just waitting for the report on 27 july, it is coming soon.

    • The reason I thought you were talking about claims was the original string was mostly a claims-related discussion, and you said the "lawyers screwed up LandAmerica", and claims was full of lawyers.

      Yes, LFG top management brought LFG down, not FNF. How FNF runs its claims department; yes that's a separate issue. LFG over leveraged, purchasing assets like Capital Title at a insane premium with minimal due diligence, and LFG top management, in their ignorance and arrogance, failed to recognize the inverse relationship of the RE market/economy and claims.

    • AMEN!!!!

    • Fidelity said it was going to save the "vast majority" of the LandAm employees' jobs, but it didn't work out that way for claims employees. Who in their right mind lays off claims people with vast experience for a bunch of people who know nothing about title insurance, let alone claims? Because they are inexpensive? Well, Fidelity got what it paid for.

    • Amen to that, brother!
      The inmates are in charge of the Fidelity claims asylum.

    • I believe I said Senior Management NOT Land America Claims.
      I did say many unhappy former land america employees on this board. I did say the company's fall was not the tried and true employees.

      I do not know what actually brough the whole house of cards. or what skeletons FNF picked up in the deal.
      It is my understanding the 1031 exchange held money in escrow at no interest cost and put enough of that money into market rate securities to bring down that aspect of the company. This was "supposedly" liquid funds.

      I think FNF actually saved more jobs at Land America than if they let Land Am go completely broke. So Land Am employees bitching at FNF really just crying at the only one left standing. They got a tough break. With no Tarp or GM bailout, 9% of the county's workforce is out of a job and more are underemployed. This economy sucks. It may even get worse before it gets better.

    • Are Charles and Lisa the "Story Tellers" to which you are refering?

      Do you work for Omaha Claims? I sure don't, and hope I never see Omaha, but their description sounds right on, based upon the apparent FNF management philosophy.

      I cannot imagine expecting people with no industry/legal experience to come in and immediately begin processing title claims. We are not talking about auto insurance fender bender processing. I worked on Lawyers Title claims, back in the 20th Century, and title insurance claims simply are not one-size-fits-all. You have to understand real property law.

      My point, is that there descriptions of Omaha sound pretty plausible. IMHO

    • Hey Beta Boy,

      You may or may not know a little about FNF, and possibly the industry in which it operates. But you CLEARLY are clueless on what brought down LandAmerica, unless the "former" lawyer you are talking about is the former CEO.

      Nothing done by Landam Claims had anything to do with the company's downfall.

      Stick to commenting on FNF.

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