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  • titledemon titledemon Mar 19, 2009 11:31 AM Flag

    Fidelity title claims are going through the roof

    thanks to the acquisition of Lawyers Title. How many other bad agents did we acquire in this fiasco of a merger? The company based in Mississippi allegedly took off with over $15 million. These guys are popping up all over the place. The guys that signed these scumbags up should be fired.

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    • Fema is a big head ache to these cats!

    • Foley's new "footprint" for claims is to hire a bunch of newbies who don't know the first thing about title insurance and lay off the
      experienced claims attorneys. The newbies may be cheaper, but are they more cost effective?
      Hope FNF pays lots of money in bad faith lawsuits and it crashes and burns around Foley's head. He is the person ultimately responsible for the merger, so if it is a fiasco, it's on him.

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      • The title claims situation is completely FUBAR. I saw a case where Fidelity hired 10 law firms to represent them on one case. Why did they hire 10 law firms? Because the idiots at corporate didn't know that a law firm was called in to represent Fidelity so they called several firms and all are on the case. This company is trying to make FEMA look competent which is hard to do.

        How hard is it to speak to the other people in your department to make sure that one law firm represents you and to make damn sure that there is no conflict either. Hearing story after story of law firms being hired that have serious conflicts of interest in cases yet some brain surgeon at corporate hires them anyway.

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